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When we first moved into our new build we were about to have a baby and it was perfect that it was move in ready. The only problem is I didn’t know I needed to worry about wardrobes. Back home, a bedroom isn’t considered a bedroom unless it has a closet in it. I never thought about it even after I first moved in as we were setting up one of the rooms as a nursery and we had a walk-in closet in the master with one long pole across each side. Now that we have two toddlers that are growing at very rapid speeds we have realized there isn’t enough storage. There isn’t room in those tiny little nursery wardrobes for their clothes anymore. Frustrated that we now really need two sets of wardrobes for our kids’ rooms. 

It’s not something I would rush or pick lightly as I want each one to suit the needs for both kids. As well as figuring out the cost and how I would decorate the room as they grow. Obviously they are both decked out as a nursery but soon they will be bouncing big kids and need a more appropriate setting. Urban Wardrobes Fitted Wardrobes Kids' Wardrobes

Missy Moo’s room is massive, probably the biggest room in the house without an ensuite. So we could really go to town in her room. I envision wardrobes in the corners of one side opposite where a big kid bed would be with a little dressing table attached. Let’s face it she is a girl and even though young now I want it to suit her needs until we move house again and that could be when she is much older.  She could use it as a desk when she goes to school too. There are so many variations I could choose from and colors too. Do I go all white or like above the mix of white and wood which I love? It’s hard to know what is going to look the best. Urban Wardrobes Fitted Wardrobes Kids' Wardrobes

Buba’s room is a funky shape and smaller than the other rooms in the house so utilizing space is a must. He will need a little space possibly for a desk but lots of drawers for all those pants and outdoor gear boys seem to pile up. Even more storage for extra blankets, sheets, his toys and books since his room doesn’t have the space for it all to be out in the open. A long wardrobe on one side of it with numerous storage drawers could really be the key. How do you decide what’s functional and looks great? Obviously we will sell the house one day, I don’t want kid wardrobes put in only to need to be removed for the next owners might not have kids. All these things are going through my head I feel like it will be years before I ever make a solid decision for either of their rooms. Urban Wardrobes Fitted Wardrobes Kids' Wardrobes

It’s Christmas time and the wish-lists for everyone are fast filling up. This is the first year I couldn’t quite put my finger on what I really wanted. Obviously a woman always has things in her head that she has her eye on but usually by now I have long picked my one present out. My ultimate wish someday probably when the kids are grown is to get our walk-in closet actually finished with beautiful drawers like this above. Shelves where I can fold and put sweaters or collect my purses and handbags instead of on the floor of my current closet. A space for everything in it’s own unique way. To walk in and each side have cubicles for tops and blazers all separated. I love organization and this would be a dream present. Whilst I know it’s a long time off before I ever get anything like this I have been peaking at Urban Wardrobes lately and fell in love with the croc dividing on this particular walk-in storage solution above. It’s so unique and beautiful. Mr P if you are sneaking a peak here this is what I want our closet to look like someday! 

What do you look for in a perfect wardrobe? A wardrobe that you will have for life? I am currently trying to decide for my two kids’ bedrooms what will suit them best and still fit our home decor but there are so many options out there, my head is actually spinning. 

Check out the kids’ current rooms and maybe you can aid me in my decision.

Buba’s Room Tour and Missy Moo’s Room Tour


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  1. We are planning a loft conversion and will need bespoke wardrobes but as it’s a Victorian house I would want traditional looking ones too! x

  2. What about a captain’s bunk for Buba with a wardrobe and desk built in underneath? I had one well into my teens and it was a great use of space in quite a tiny room – and the desk was always useful for various crafty bits and bobs. Although if you do do that, as a fellow glasses wearer, you need a shelf up on bed level to keep your specs on overnight!!

  3. I can hardly ever look at this post i feel sick with envy. We have terrible storage here and i would kill for wardrobes like that but our house is Victorian and there is no space or flat walls to put them! x

    • It’s hard in old houses our last one was a NIGHTMARE for storage and not one wall was straight. We attempted in one room and the built in wardrobes were sideways. lol

  4. We have just had an offer accepted on a house and one of the big things on our must-have list was space for built-in wardrobes! The two biggest bedrooms already have them but I imagine we will save up to replace them more to our own taste – but great to know the space is there! x

  5. We’ve recently had built in wardrobes fitted and they guy designed them as we spoke about what we wanted, what worked before and what we wanted to change – it was amazing. We’ve got so much storage now in the same space we had before. This time the wardrobes go floor to ceiling and that’s definitely something I’d recommend as the space on top of wardrobes is often wasted. #homecorner

  6. We have just done our bedroom and got some fitted wardrobes put in, although not bespoke ones. I love them already, gives you so much storage and places to put things! Problem with kids they are the smallest people but have the most stuff!


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