Prioritizing Self-Care As A Busy Mother

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The job of being a mom is the best one in the world, but it is all-consuming. It is easy to forget to look after yourself, your tea goes cold, you eat the children’s leftovers for lunch, and you can’t remember the last time you had a relaxing soak in the bath. The craziest thing of all is, that it’s not something you would change for the world. But to be the best mom, you need to prioritize self-care so you can be present and patient.

This can come in the form of taking a few minutes every morning to have your cup of tea in the rare peace whilst everyone is still sleeping or stealing ten minutes when the children are playing to pop on a face mask. It is about finishing what makes you feel like you again.

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Much Needed ‘Me Time’

As a busy parent, you need to try and keep up on the little things that keep you sane, so when we talk about ‘me time’, it is not about carving out extra time but rather taking time out to fulfil your needs, where you haven’t had the chance.

When you are busy it is easy to get into a mindless routine that you follow every day, go to sleep, wake up and repeat. This is a great time to hit the pause button. Take the time to think about what you need and what makes you happy. Having a baby is a precious gift. This isn’t about being unhappy with your new life but rather, finding out who you are as of this new version of yourself. And self care that is so important too.

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It is not selfish to take the time out to reset and refresh your buttons, motherhood is challenging. To be present and happy, you need to be your priority. If you are not happy and relaxed, then nothing around you will be. Loving yourself is vital before loving others. This is often forgotten about or deemed negative when you become a mother.

Why Taking Time Is Important

Don’t get confused with time alone as ‘me time.’ Popping out to the shop is not the same as going for a coffee on your own or with a friend, without your child. You need time on your own. You also need to be doing things that you love and are interested in.

Having a soak in the bath is lovely but that is a low bar, you need to do that for your sanity. But try and carve out time where you can have peace without the risk of a crying child interrupting you. It is your time of tranquillity and calm. Even if this is dancing around blasting your favorite music with a glass of wine.

As a mother, your sole purpose is your baby and there is absolute beauty in that but you are more than that as well. It is easy to lose yourself in this transition but having ‘me time’ is so important, to feel comfortable in your skin and to be happy. To meet your baby’s needs, you need to meet your own.

What Can Mom’s Do For Self-Care?

It is all about finding what works for you and brings you some happiness and much needed ‘me time.’

This could be having a pamper day at home. See if someone can look after your child for a couple of hours and have a face mask, or do your nails. Whatever it is that makes you feel relaxed and refreshed. Create a warm atmosphere, with candles and lamps, pop on some ocean music and have a green tea.

Have a date with yourself or your significant other. Get dressed up, do your make-up and spend time out of the house. Go to dinner and have some drinks and find out who you are now as this new version of yourself.

Making those self-care appointments you always put last on your list for yourself. Like dental care from DentalBe or an annual eye test you haven’t had time for. Routine appointments are ones not to be missed no matter how busy we are.

Spend some extra time in the mornings on your skincare routine to make yourself look fresh and radiant. You can also consider taking probiotics to keep your gut healthy. It is a great way to start your day. Feel ready for the day, maybe go to a yoga class, or grab a coffee with a friend. Do what makes you happy and most importantly, do what reconnects you to you.


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