4 Ways to Recharge Yourself in your Home

Last updated on October 1st, 2023 at 01:40 pm

In a society that is fast pace, forever changing, challenging us, and pushing us, our homes should be a place to recharge yourself. It should be a place we feel safe, comfortable, relaxed. Don’t fret parents, I don’t mean a silent and clean house, although that is inviting at times. Children make noise and mess, it’s inevitable. What I am talking about here is how you use your home. It has been proven, over and over, that our emotions can feed off the environment around us.

So how do use your home to recharge?

Well, that depends on what kind of person you are but I am here to give you a few tips along the way. Having a busy parenting and work life, I think I can give you some ideas to get you started.

Many think that our homes are just as much the stress inducers as work and every day life outside the home It shouldn’t be. Yes, we have dishes to clean, laundry to put away and groceries to buy but those are life chores, if managed probably that shouldn’t stop you from recharging. There are key components we can adhere to no matter how busy we are at home.

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1. Good Sleeping Environment

Sleep is one of the most important aspects to a healthy lifestyle. If we don’t get good sleep, everything else that gets thrown our way becomes harder. Many people don’t even put thought into picking a good mattress and bed frame. But you spend more than one-third of your life asleep. Why wouldn’t you choose more wisely? There are guides on how to choose the best mattresses and bed frames online. It only takes a few trials in a shop to see what best suits you.

We used to have a very uncomfortable bed when I first got married. Mostly because we just didn’t have the money to buy new and we were young so didn’t care. But after a few months of sleepless nights, everything seems more challenging and I was tired all the time. I ended up staying up later and later because I knew I wasn’t going to sleep. My husband felt the same. Our home became somewhere we weren’t recharging our batteries in. We finally realized we needed a new bed. We invested in a good mattress and a sturdy bed frame, and our sleep environment was so much better. Therefore, making it easier, for us, to recharge each night before work the next day.

A bed with a large grey headboard. It has white sheets on it and a set of grey pillows and a grey throw diagonally across it

2. A “Me Place”

Self-care has been on the rise of topics across social media this past year. Now more than ever we understand that it’s ok to take “me time” out of your day. Actually it’s important to take time for ourselves. I think having a place in your home, no matter the size of it, to claim as your “me place” is a must. Whether it’s your favorite chair in the corner by the fire with a good book or at the kitchen bar to eat your favorite treat, find a place to recharge your mind. Even if it’s ten to fifteen minutes a day, it makes all the difference.

So find yourself a “me place” and start making a daily, healthy habit to go to this place. Even if it’s just to sit and think. Our minds and bodies are doing too much on a daily basis. More than they have ever did in the past. We need to be able to recharge in a safe, comfortable home each day.

3. Natural Light

We all know how good it feels when the sun is shining down on us. When we smell and breathe the fresh air on a walk. But what about in your home? Natural light is one of the best thing you can benefit from. It can improve your productivity, focus, and energy levels as well as give us our Vitamin D.

Choose bigger windows if you are house hunting or renovating. Use curtains that you can tie back or shutters you can open all the way. This allows as much natural light in as possible. Make sure to place sofas and sitting chairs so they are close to windows and sliding doors or facing their natural light coming in. This is a great place to set your “me place” from my above suggestion too.

If you work in a room with little to no natural light make sure you are taking time to get it at home. Your home should be where you can recharge and unwind but also get the most benefits to ensure you stay healthy and happy. If you don’t have the benefit of big windows or a lot of windows you can purchase natural light style lamps and bulbs. This is not as good as mother nature offers but it still can give you benefits.

4. Healthy Habits

Create some healthy home habits. Whether that is making yourself eat at home more instead of take-aways or doing a few sit ups whilst watching tv. Having healthy habits no matter how big or small they are can really impact your life in a great way.

I have been trying to eat healthier on weekends than I used to and sometimes this just means eating at home instead of ordering pizza. I make homemade pizza instead and now I love that more than ordering fast food. And it’s faster, easier and cheaper than you think.

I also started doing just 8-10 minutes of ab workout after dinner each night. It literally takes the same amount of time I use to sit and scroll on social media if not faster if you are like me and fall down the scrolling rabbit hole. You know what I mean influencers, we all do it. This has been a huge difference in the way I feel and the way I am shaped and I didn’t have to use the excuse that I just didn’t have time for the gym because I can do it while watching Netflix.Forming healthy habits at home, is a big factor in recharging, relaxing, and self-care.


Remember our homes should be our healthy, happy place. So leave that stress from work at the door, if you work from home, leave it in your work chair. Make sure to always use your “me place” daily even if it’s just for a few deep breaths. Manage your life chores so you aren’t overwhelmed and insert some healthy new habits to boost your energy and morale. Most importantly, manage your sleep environment first. A good bed, a decent amount of sleep, and a good sleep routine will do you wonders.


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