How to Reduce Your Stress When Moving House

Last updated on June 4th, 2022 at 05:00 pm

Most families have to move home at least once or twice, and many people move home fairly often. Your needs and circumstances change, and your lifestyle may need to change with them. Moving house can be exciting. After all, you’re going somewhere completely new and, for growing families, a new home can provide some sorely needed space. 

However, moving house is also one of the most stressful times for many families. Here are some tips to mitigate this stress. 

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How To Make Moving House Less Stressful

1. Start Prepping Early

As in most situations, being prepared early can save you a great deal of stress later on. Rather than leaving everything for moving day, ending up in a mad dash to get everything to the new property, start packing non-essential items early. 

This makes the whole process much more manageable, especially if you have a lot of stuff to pack. You can also sort through what you need to take with you. And sort what can be sold, left behind, or thrown out. If you’ve lived in one place for some time, you’ll find that you generated a lot of junk.

You can store these boxes in your home or garage, but some people prefer to store them in storage units. The best storage units will keep your belongings safe and ready to be delivered and unpacked in your new home once everything is ready to go. 

2. Look After Kids and Pets

If the moving process is stressful for the adults, then it’s even more so for children and pets. Managing your kids’ stress is a huge part of making sure that everything goes smoothly. You should start early, explaining to your child what is happening in an age-appropriate way. 

If you involve your children in the moving process, then they may be more excited about it. Their age does matter, of course. Older children can help to pack their belongings. You can show them their new room and explain what it can mean for them. Teenagers may be more helpful during the moving day itself. But you should ensure that your teenager feels part of the move in one way or another.

Very young children and pets will find it difficult to understand what’s happening and may make things more difficult. If you can, find someone to take care of them through the day so that you can concentrate on the move, without having to worry about them. 

3. Get Help

One of the most stressful parts of moving day you can eliminate by using a removal company. A good removal company can pick up your belongings and deliver them to your home, leaving you free to get things ready at the new property. They can also swing by a storage unit to grab everything there.

It is possible to use friends and family to help you in the move, but a removal company comes along with a large van and a lot of experience. Whatever you choose, don’t try to move alone. 


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