Tips on How to Stay Organised if You’re Moving House

Last updated on July 4th, 2022 at 03:27 pm

If you’re up to the “moving house” point of the buying and selling property process – then congratulations! A lot of the hard part is actually over. One of the most difficult things is without a doubt, being on the property chain and ultimately managing to go through the official process of selling and buying without any major issues – so if you’ve made it this far, you’re already doing great! However, that’s not to undermine the stress that’s to come. Moving home, particularly if you have a family, can be a challenging task, and keeping everything organised can seem near impossible at times. If you’re moving house soon, and you want to keep it as hassle-free as possible, then here are some tips on how to stay organised if you’re moving to a new house.

Decide on Whether You need to Hire a Removal Company or Not

If you have house buyers who are eager to complete and move in, then you might not have time on your side when it comes to the moving process. This is why it’s a good idea to know in the early days whether you’re going to require the services of a removal company or not.

The fact is, even if it seems pricy at first, hiring a removal company to help you with your big move can help to alleviate a lot of stress, and save you time as well. Companies like removalist Melbourne are extremely helpful or similar in your area. Chances are you have enough on your plate already, so hiring a company to help with the moving and delivery of heavy household furnishings such as cabinets and sofas might be best for you. The truth is, even though you have to pay them a fee, you could still be saving money. This is because they will have all of the right equipment to make the moving quicker and easier, and if they have a large van, they’re likely to be able to move all of the heavy duty stuff in one trip, rather than you having to do several either in your car or a smaller hired van.

Of course, if you have friends or family who can help and you’re not keen on hiring a specialist – then this is also a viable option! For their services, offer them takeaway pizza and beers on the job. No one can say no to that! However you decide to go about moving the heavy duty stuff, asking for help is never a bad idea.

Declutter Prior to Moving House

Whether you’re a huge Marie Kondo fan and you follow all of her decluttering tips, or that’s really not your style, decluttering prior to a house move is an absolute must. Not only does it help sell your house in the earlier days (which you’ve already done), but it also makes it a lot easier when it comes down to the crunch of packing.

When decluttering, it’s best to take a planned approach – otherwise it’s easy to end up sat on the floor surrounded by clutter you don’t know what to do with. In the weeks leading up to the move, figure out when your free time is and make a plan accordingly. Start with the room you think is likely to have the most clutter, then work your way through the house chronologically – and get the family involved! The more pairs of hands you have on board, the better.

When doing this, split your clutter into three separate piles or boxes as so:

  1. Clutter that is exactly what it says – clutter. This is the stuff you can take straight to the tip, or to be recycled.
  2. Clutter that you don’t need, but isn’t useless. This stuff can either be upcycled, taken to a local charity shop, or given to family and friends. One person’s trash, is another person’s treasure after all!
  3. Clutter that isn’t clutter at all – you just never found the right place to store it. This should go alongside all of your other packing boxes ready to go to the new house with you.

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Label the Boxes

Okay, so this might sound like an obvious statement, but last of all, labelling the boxes is ALWAYS a good idea.

The truth is, you might think you don’t have that much stuff, but chances are you actually do. If you pack in sections, for example in accordance to room, then you’re a lot less likely to lose things in the move, and it’ll also make unpacking a lot easier. That being said, label all the boxes with what is inside. Believe it or not, it will save you a lot of time in the long run.

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