5 Tips for Keeping Your Home in Tip-Top Shape for Spring Cleaning

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 02:54 pm

Spring is that time of the year when we finally get the chance to do a bit — or a lot — of refreshing around the house. The question now is: Where should you begin? While there are many different ways to go about home maintenance this season, there are some obvious places to start, like doing some spring cleaning. To help you out, here are five tips for keeping your home in tip-top shape this spring.

Start with spring cleaning

The best approach to spring cleaning is to focus on one room at a time, starting with the ones that need it the most. Dust the cobwebs away, reorganise the cupboards and shelves, and wipe all the surfaces until they are squeaky clean.

When decluttering, The Spruce recommends creating four piles: one each for rubbish, give-away, storage, or put away. Rubbish is self-explanatory, while you can donate or sell items that are still usable but your family no longer needs. Put items you won’t be needing anytime soon into storage, such as thick linens. And for put away, these are the things that need to be easily accessible but don’t have to be on display, such as your tool kit.

Move on to deep cleaning

After cleaning the different surfaces of your home, it’s time to move on beyond what the eyes can see. This is when you need to do some deep cleaning, especially for those hard-to-reach areas. The best place to start is the kitchen, as Good House Keeping reports that it is one of the germiest places in the house. There’s a lot of bacteria build-up in kitchen sinks and common household appliances, which you should definitely look to scrub, especially at a time like this.

Move or lift appliances to clean behind or underneath them. Put your dishware, silverware, glassware, and pots and pans into the dishwasher. And definitely disinfect your rubbish bin — this is something that you shouldn’t wait one whole year to do. Don’t forget to repeat these steps in other rooms as well!

Use all-natural ingredients

When doing your sanitising, it’s better to use non-chemical ingredients, especially with kids or pets around the house. For instance, Ideal Home suggests using white vinegar as an all-purpose cleaner, and it does a great job when mixed with water. Citrus fruits are great alternatives, too, as they contain a natural solvent that removes grease and dirt. Plus, they have a refreshing scent that wafts delightfully around the house!

Undo winter damage

Spring is ideal for checking what kind of damage winter has done on the home’s structure and systems. Inspect your roofing for cracks, missing shingles, and dark patches. This can mean moisture, signifying the occurrence of water damage that should be checked by professionals immediately. Attend to clutter gutter to ensure that water flows easily through the downspouts. Other areas to check are your windows, doors, and columns.

Other than the things that you can easily see, it’s also a good idea to give your boiler and heating systems a much-needed tune-up, too. In fact, HomeServe outlines how getting your boiler serviced regularly can help keep your heating system in good shape — ensuring it works as it should all year round. Your heating system has done its job of keeping you warm and cosy through winter, and spring is the time to give it some much needed TLC.

Spruce up your home’s exteriors

Lastly, give your exteriors some attention, too. You can do this with simple upgrades like repainting the walls, windows, and railings. You can also add a new doormat, re-pot your plants, and get some lovely porch furniture to better enjoy the warmer days ahead. Once all of this has been done, you can even serve and enjoy our recipe for Fish Tacos with Pineapple Salsa al fresco style!


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  1. Love these spring cleaning tips! But also, don’t forget about your AC filters. Giving them a quick check and repalcement can make a huge difference. Clean filters mean your AC works less hard to keep you cool, saves you some money on energy bills, and keeps the air in your house clean and free of allergens. It’s a super easy fix that can save you from a headache and a hit to your wallet down the road.


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