Master Bedroom Storage Solutions

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Master Bedroom Storage Solutions Woodpecker Furniture

If there is one thing I can’t stand in my house is the lack of storage space. You would think being a new build that they would have mastered this feature by now, especially in homes made for families. Families need storage solutions it’s a necessity in every home. Yet, I have no place for the towels, no place for the kids clothes except stuffed into their mini nursery wardrobes, they both still have in their rooms. While my entire house is in need of storage my master bedroom is first on my list for better storage solutions. 

Each year, I choose a home project to focus on. Whilst last year, I envisioned a new loft space that now looks like it might be a few years and a bigger project than originally expected this year I am working smaller projects. My master bedroom just needs a few added storage units and accessories and is something I can focus on now. It’s also something that’s been driving me crazy since we moved in.

Master Bedroom Storage Solutions Woodpecker Furniture

The biggest change I would make is getting fitted cabinets put to the side and above my bed. The space above our bed is completely wasted. I love the look of cabinets and shelving as the center focus of a master bedroom when you walk in. It’s easier to store the books you are reading, have your phone or ipad handy by the bed, family photos on display and really creates a different look to the space on top of that extra added storage space. 

Whilst I have a chest of drawers for our clothes, I have absolutely no storage for those extra blankets for winter that need stored. I have no place for those extra sheets when it’s time to change the bedding. Or the extra pillows for when guests come over to stay. These are all items I could store above the bed in a fitted cabinet.

Within my fitted cabinets I would make sure there are numerous shelves on each side where I can use my obsession with wicker baskets and organizing skills to the max. Having all these shelves inside that I can use for various storage solutions would be prime for storing items like my scarves, belts, necklaces, or less fashionable items like books, magazines, keepsakes from the kids. At the moment, I have all these in boxes in the loft which is frustrating and stays unworn and unseen. I want things stored away neatly but reachable so I can have them on hand. 

Sometimes a bedroom just feels more cozy and comfortable when it’s full of furniture. Even though I like open plan master bedrooms, I don’t like to see a large wall bare with just a bed pushed up against it and a chest of drawers randomly floating on the other side. This is how my master bedroom is at the moment. I call it the unloved room and it’s definitely has been left unfinished. 

Alternatively, I think even two large chest of drawers on either side of our bed and a long chest of drawers on the opposite side of the wall, to match, would really revamp our master bedroom and provide the storage solutions I am desperate for. It would be a smaller project than fitted cabinets above the bed but just as classy and more storage available. It’s a more modern look whereas the fitted cabinets gives it more shabby chic country style. The bedroom below would be ideal for us and I even have a similar bed to pull this style together. 

I think another thing on my list for my master bedroom is a large trunk at the foot of my bed. It would give us more storage for those bigger items like extra blankets, duvets and winter coats and sweaters even. It also provides a seating area at the end of the bed for lovely cushions  and to get ready for a night out on. If cozy enough, it could even be a reading spot if it was more like a bench trunk. Pinterest is absolutely full of them. 

Isn’t this master bedroom below dreamy??

Master Bedroom Storage Solutions Woodpecker Furniture

It’s nice to have a home project to research, plan, and get creative with. Half the time, it doesn’t come to light or a new design and concept has struck me in the process but I love to constantly change in my interiors and dreaming of things bigger and better for our home. 

Do you have limited storage space in your home? What do you do for storage solutions? Have you ever had fitted cabinets around your bed? Would love to hear the pros and cons if you want to share in the comments below. I am curious to see what others have to say about it that have had them. 

Check out my Master Bedroom Pinterest Board for more storage solutions and bedroom inspiration!


9 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Storage Solutions”

  1. We have fitted wardrobes in our current home, and while I don’t really like the style of them, they do make good use of the space. And I have a dressing table! I agree, house builders do need to think about this!

    • I know you would think every house would have closets and storage especially ones for families. Just doesn’t make sense does it? I really need some kind of fitted wardrobes in our rooms. So many options though to choose from I don’t know whether to have desks built in for kids or more like wardroves and chest drawers. Lots to think about.

  2. I know what you mean about new builds…no room for the hoover! When we moved to our new house our master was vast (but pitched ceiling on 2 sides) and no storage! So we chopped a third of it off to make a walk in wardrobe, giving us storage for clothes, sheets and extra toiletries. But it’s not quite organised as I’d like…so no reveal just yet…boo. I can’t wait to see your finished room xx

    • That’s such a great idea. You are so clever on the design and renovation of homes. I am always inspired with your decorating. Can’t wait for your reveal sounds amazing.

  3. We have a new build too and find that the best storage is in all the wrong places. Your ideas are great it’s making me very excited to decorate our room. My clothes have been in boxes under the bed for too long! We’ve only had a bed in our room for a year now and while it’s very spacious, it’s not practical. But first we’re focusing on the kiddies bedrooms x

    • We did that too. The kids rooms came first and I am so excited to be done with them to move onto our room next. I know what you mean about clothes under the bed nightmare. New builds I swear are made so bizarre everything isn’t very thought out in terms of design sometimes especially storage. Clearly a man they wouldn’t think of how much storage a family would need.

    • It’s a nightmare that houses don’t come with more storage in each room for each part of the house. Houses are for families where do they think we put all our stuff? lol I hope you have got some great ideas and sorted out storage for your master.


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