Become thrifty with your home decor

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There are hundreds of various ways in all aspects of life that you can become thrifty in. It just depends on what you want to go without, how far you want to stretch your money and for what reasons you are cutting back. I may not be very good at being thrifty in other areas of my life just yet but I like to think when it comes to home decor I am very resourceful.

What does thrifty mean to you? 

The true definition of thrifty, according to Webster, is managing or using money in a careful or wise way. But I think there are a lot of ways to look differently at being thrifty and think how can you be thrifty with the things you already have which saves money too. 

It’s no secret I like to redecorate and change the look of the rooms in my home on a regular basis. I love switching from bold vibrant colors to neutrals and greys and back again. With my constant, want and need for change, I also have a budget to keep. With this budget (which everyone should have) I look at what I already have and how I can change or turn it into something new or different. I am a huge fan of upcycling. Change that dresser into a bookcase or that night stand into a dressing table stool. Your options are endless and you are saving the planet as much as you are saving money too.

You can also paint photo frames, vases, and other home ornaments to any color you want which can match your new theme to your room by only spending a little bit on a mini pot of paint. Or use paint you have in your garage from the last redecorating job you did. You can see my living room revamp on a budget here

There is no need to go out and buy new home ornaments or buy expensive ones. Why not check out your local thrift store or consignment shop for new interior accent pieces. The vintage look is really trendy so you can make your money go farther than you think and get the new look you want. 

I think becoming thrifty can even be the act of just rearranging your house. Why not switch the dining room and living rooms around. Make your furniture face a different focal point in the room or swap rooms altogether. In my house my living room and dining room are identical sizes but at the opposite end of the house, I could switch them up for a complete overhaul look and feel to our house without spending a penny. Saving money on redecorating is a thrifty act to me.  

Become thrifty with your home decor

Make your own home accessories and look on Pinterest for inspiration, its bursting with little projects and diy tutorials. Making a space look refresh and new without breaking your budget is the ultimate thrifty act. Here is a recent tutorial I love from The Lovely Drawer – Brush Stroke Storage Boxes that I am dying to try. Teri is always coming up with amazing creations for diy home accessories. I made these lovely bathroom totes below from her blog and they have added a great look to my bathroom now and costing me nothing as I had the materials in my craft supplies. 

Become thrifty with your home decor Bathroom Tote Tutorial

I know I am not a thrifty person in other areas of my life and I am slowly working on it. Do you consider yourself a thrifty person? How are you thrifty in your life and in what part of your life are you the most thrifty? I would love to hear from you, please leave a comment below.

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3 thoughts on “Become thrifty with your home decor”

  1. The great thing about some of ideas you’ve shared is that they’re good for the environment too. It’s easy to just to toss out and buy something new, but turning something old into something different is much more satisfying. That bathroom tidy does look good. 🙂

  2. Lovely ideas – Yes I am super thrifty with EVERYTHING!! I actually hate the thought that I might be able to get it cheaper elsewhere and spend a lot of time price matching stuff. I buy a lot second hand (or sale) as it doesn’t bothered our family if its pre-loved. I just love a bargain and I hate to spend a lot on stuff..

    I will however “splash out” (but wouldn’t even call it that) on travel and yummy good food as its more important to me.

    I think once my husband graduates and were not counting the pennies I may chill out and treat myself and my home more! x

    • Oh we love pre-loved and ebay for sure. I buy most of the kids stuff on them. It’s such a bargain and one man’s trash is another’s treasure my momma always said. I grew up in a huge family so we had to be thrifty. Sometimes it’s still good to splash out and treat yourself though too. We only live once. Finding balance is key.


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