The non-selfie perspective with Center Parcs + WIN £300 family bundle

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:25 am

What does family time mean to you? For each one of us, we probably have a variation of what we love to do with our own families but spending quality time together is the foundation of them. We all want to be classed as great family members right? Well, our social media outlets say otherwise and as you scroll through facebook and instagram you can see selfies taking over the internet. I am to pause the selfie obsession for a moment…

I am teaming up with Center Parcs in their new campaign to change the perspective of selfies and challenge people to shy away from that automatic selfie shot. This is taking on a new perspective of the world around us. What have you been missing right in front of you that is passing you by while you are looking up at that seflie stick in the air? Or posing for the best lighting on your face in the middle of the street? (ok, we all love a good selfie but indulge me).

Center Parcs has an amazing competition running for the next three weeks to WIN £300 worth of family prizes including cinema tickets, restaurant vouchers, games and more prizes for your family to have a great time together. It’s about bring us out of our new online bubble and back into reality in the lives around us not just ourselves. I know I am more guilty of this than most people and it was my new year’s resolution and still is to be more aware of how much I am not observing around me.

How To Enter…

If you want to win a family bundle worth £300, all you need to do is post of photo of your family fun time onto our Facebook page or on twitter using #CPfamilytime. Terms and conditions apply*

1. Hold smartphone in selfie position

2. Turn camera on

3. Turn phone 180˚ away from you

4. Take photo of the scene around you

5. Upload to Facebook or twitter using #Cpfamilytime

I daresay we will get to see some amazing sky views and landscape photos soon or feet and ground shots too. I can’t wait. Normally after nap-time my little girl and I sit down and draw or color together. We love a good selfie together to document our one on one time while brother is at school but today we wanted to share with all of you what we have been getting up to, instead. Here is our example of a non-selfie #CPfamilytime photo. Why not turn your phone around and see what’s on the other side? Enter today!

A new perspective on selfies with Centre Parcs #CPFAMILYTIME

Center Parcs is all about family fun. This is just the beginning of three competitions they will be hosting for all of you. So keep an eye out here or on social media for the next one. You wouldn’t want to miss it because you were taking a selfie right? 🙂


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