5 Great Outing Ideas for Spring Half Term

Last updated on June 15th, 2017 at 06:47 am

Are you ready for the spring half term this May?

The last thing you want as a parent during spring half term is to have a bunch of grumpy kids at home, fighting over computer time and bickering about being bored. With plenty of exciting, family-friendly activities going on in your city, why not round everybody up and hit the town? I’ve put together a list of indoor and outdoor activities that you and your family can enjoy this May.

5 Great Outing Ideas for Spring Half Term

1. Matinee Show

The easiest way to quickly pass two hours or so is to see a family-oriented production at a local theatre. Find a show that has lots of lights, colour, and an easy-to-follow plotline so the younger ones feel engaged. Most theatres host matinee performances that are at a fraction of the cost, and fit naptime schedules for all your littles. Pop on by Prince Edward Theatre in London to see the magical production of Aladdin.

2. The Royal Parks

If you fancy some outdoor time but would prefer something a bit more engaging and social, a visit to one of the Royal Parks in May might be the solution. During half term, most of the Royal Parks have some sort of wildlife/plantation activity for children and parents alike, allowing everyone the chance to enjoy fresh air and learn a thing or two in the process.

5 Great Outing Ideas for Spring Half Term

3. Family Game Time

Forget family game time indoors. Why not make it really creative with your family game time and take it outdoors. Put up a tent in your back garden or a wigwam with fairy lights. Bring the cushions for a cozy atmosphere. Whether it’s rainy or not you can enjoy board games anywhere. Don’t forget to make fun beverages catered to each individual, and order hot takeaway meals from Hungry House to be delivered to your door. Relaxed family game times are a fantastic idea to pass a few hours. The kids will love that its not indoors too.

4. ThinkTank

Birmingham Science Museum is a great back-pocket idea on days where indoor fun is preferred, or when everyone in the house needs some mental stimulation. The museum hosts a kids program called ThinkTank catered to keeping little minds busy with games, things to play with, different events and lessons throughout the year. This spring brings about photos of Space from the International Space Station, and solar observing. At the cost of £10 or less, an entire day’s worth of activity awaits.

5 Great Outing Ideas for Spring Half Term

5. Trail Rides

On sunny and mild days of spring, many farms offer horse-riding lessons and trail rides throughout rural areas of the country. Whether you have never touched a horse or have ridden for years, this is an exciting activity for the whole family as the kids learn how to care for horses and learn riding techniques. Most places offer lessons before embarking on a trail ride, making it very easy to spend the day on the farm!

5 Great Outing Ideas for Spring Half Term


What are you planning for spring half term for your family? Why not check online or the local pages for what’s going on in your area? Think outside the box and get creative too. It’s fun to be spontaneous for days out too. Can decide what to do why not put ideas down on paper and draw them out of a jar each day!


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