The Ultimate Easter Egg Cake

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An Easter cake make out of rice crispy treats sits on a pink cake stand and is surrounded by creme eggs

Easter is just around the corner, each year, I like to create something new and fun in the kitchen. While there are your more traditional Easter treats to make with the kids I wanted to create something above and beyond that. So this year I created the Ultimate Easter Egg Cake including those infamous cadbury creme eggs and those addictive mini eggs too.

Over the years, we have really made the most when it comes to celebrating Easter. It’s a big deal in SO many different ways. It’s probably the one year too that I go all out in the crafts, decorating the house, and the fun baking weekends. We always have a mini Easter egg hunt too.

A Family Easter To Remember

In the past we have spent Easter with Mr P’s family in Ireland. It’s such a lovely part of the world to visit and so blessed we get to experience it like a local. We visit castles, walk the fields, shop at the mini markets, and all the cousins catch up. I love just shutting down from work a bit and spending so much time with the family outdoors. There is always something to do or somewhere to go explore together.

As you can see, I am a big fan of Easter times for some many reasons and this year I really have added a whole other reason to fall in love with this holiday – My Ultimate Easter Egg Cake doesn’t just have everything I can think of that is associated with treats and Easter but it was so pretty I didn’t want to actually eat it too. Think Cadbury Creme Eggs, Mini Eggs, Rice Krispy Treats, Buttercream frosting, Sprinkles. It has everything!

An Easter cake make out of rice crispy treats sits on a pink cake stand.
An Easter cake make out of rice crispy treats sits on a pink cake stand, topped with mini eggs and creme eggs

Easter Egg Cake

the ultimate Easter Egg celebration Cake
Servings 24
Author Let’s Talk Mommy


Rice Krispy Treat Layers

  • 8 cups Kellogg’s Rice Krispy Cereal
  • 4 cups mini marshmallows
  • 4 tablespoons butter
  • sprinkles
  • cooking spray


  • 5 oz room temperature butter
  • 10 oz icing sugar
  • 2 tbsp milk
  • food coloring


  • 1 pack mini eggs
  • 1 pack cadbury creme eggs
  • 1 container of multi-colored sprinkles


Rice Krispy Layers

  1. Melt butter on medium heat and melt in marshmallows, stir constantly
  2. Add cereal and quickly take off heat
  3. Add half the sprinkles container, save the rest to decorate
  4. In two circle greased cake pans, separate rice krispy treat in two equal parts and let harden
  5. In a small ramekin put same thickness as cake layers for the middle top rice krispy
  6. Pop out your rice krispy treats and get ready to add frosting and decorations on top.


  1. Cream butter together slowly half of the powdered sugar until smooth
  2. Add remaining powdered sugar and 1 tablespoon of milk until smooth
  3. If necessary add second tablespoon
  4. Stir in food coloring of your choice (I used two colors pink and yellow, in separate bowls)

To Decorate Cake

  1. Put a thin layer of frosting on your first rice krispy cake
  2. Add mini eggs in a circle pattern
  3. Add a layer of frosting to the bottom of the second rice krispy cake
  4. Gently adding it on top of mini eggs
  5. Add frosting to the top of the second rice krispy cake
  6. Cut cadbury eggs carefully in half and place in a circle with mini eggs between each one
  7. Add sprinkles
  8. Position your mini rice krispy cake from ramekin in the middle of cadbury eggs
  9. Add a little frosting on top and three mini eggs to finish the cake

Recipe Notes

Why not use Cadbury caramel eggs if you prefer instead of creme eggs?

An Easter cake make out of rice crispy treats sits on a pink cake stand

Tips For The Perfect Rice Kripsy Cake

Turn Down The Heat

When you are making the rice krispy cake you want it to be sticky and have that delicious crunch, but not be too hard. If you’re finding your rice krispy cake too hard then you’ve most likely tried to melt the butter and marshmallow with the heat cranked up too high. Keep your stove on a medium to low heat and take your time – it is worth it!

Use Fresh Marshmallows

It can be tempting to grab that old pack of marshmallows you’ve had in the back of the cupboard for a few months, but don’t do it! Old marshmallows don’t melt as well as fresh ones too, so save yourself from a lot of frustration and pick up a new bag for making your Easter cake.

An Easter cake make out of rice crispy treats sits on a pink cake stand and is surrounded by creme eggs
An Easter cake make out of rice crispy treats sits on a pink cake stand and topped with yellow icing, creme eggs and mini eggs

Gluten Free Easter Cake Tips

Like all my recipes they are so quick and easy to make and most of them the kids absolutely love jumping in to help make them with you. This recipe is no exception. The kids were right there smearing frosting, lining up the mini eggs into colors, and ready to sprinkle the whole thing to finish. I love getting my kids helping out in the kitchen and teaching them a few things along the way about baking and cooking. Plus, they love the clean up. I don’t mean washing the dishes. They lick clean the spoons, bowls, whisks you name it.

Pick Your Favourite Mini Easter Eggs

The best bit about this rice krispy Easter can is that you can change the eggs to whatever you like! You can easily replace the creme eggs with caramel eggs, or the mini eggs with M&M or Smartie eggs – whatever you like best! Just be sure to double check the ingredients and make sure you pick gluten free Easter Eggs if you want the recipe to remain gluten free.

An Easter cake make out of rice crispy treats sits on a pink cake stand and is surrounded by creme eggs

Why not PIN this to your Easter board for later inspiration. You can make as many layers as you like with this recipe and go as Easter egg crazy or not. It’s totally up to you. I would love to see your version and don’t forget to tag me in @letsalkmommy on social media so I can reshare!

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41 thoughts on “The Ultimate Easter Egg Cake”

  1. Oh my goodness Jenny it’s even more spectacular than I imagined! Now I am no baker and you saying it’s easy makes me wonder as it certainly doesn’t look it but I think I might have to give it a try!! I’m quite excited I love crewmen eggs and mini eggs it looks like heaven xx

    • It really was so easy wasn’t it? Amazing to see others making my creations too. Looks more complex but it’s not. Mini eggs are my weakness so delicious.

  2. That looks absolutely amazing, definitely a showstopper! I love the pastel pink cake stand as well, perfect for Easter bakes 🙂

  3. The first word that came into my head was WOW!!!! This Easter cake is immense and I know that if I show it t my big girls they’ll both squeal with delight. Keep an eye on my IG account we may well be recreating this in our kitchen around Easter time. I’ll be sure to give you a shout out if we do.

    • It was a huge hit with the kids. Definitely should have made it smaller but it was for a party. It’s all the popular and favorite sweets of Easter in one.

    • I just thought I would put the three most popular Easter treats: creme eggs, mini eggs, and rice krispy treats all in one treat and I came up with it as I went along. Actually I didn’t even mean to do a layer thing I was only doing one layer at the start and it just went from there. I could great dessert recipes all day long every day.

    • Thank you that means the world to me. I wish I could just bake, cook and photo style all day long every day. lol Still have a lot of practice to go though.

    • Funny enough that’s the part I don’t like about creme eggs is the creme in the middle. We would be great paired together eating Easter creme eggs hahaha

    • I can make it for you all anytime. You will have to come to mine for a playdate sometime and I will make you a small version to take home with you. 🙂


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