My Family of Five in August

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 03:02 pm

As always in August, we spend the month in America and we end up sharing a few days late. We share photos that are missing Daddy. We share photos that are bursting with friends and family instead.

Having my children be able to have their summers in America and bond with my family back home is so important to me. I will forever be grateful for that time there too. My kids get the chance to learn my culture and my side of life in summer when they get winters with Daddy’s culture and family. I think that is fair.

August flew by us with having so many to see and so much to do in just four weeks. We normally visit America for six weeks and this year we had delays in getting there so it was cut shorter than usual. Those extra weeks were missed so much. It took those lazy days out and meant we had to pack in everything we like to do each year, into a small amount of time. My family is huge and spread out so it really is about seeing a different person every day. We love the beach and now that my mom lives closer to it, it quickly became our meeting place for friends and family coming to visit.

my family of five in august family photos portraits America



Hot weather.

Friends and Family.

Time off with the kids.


The house renovations almost finished.

Golfing trip.

Going to Portugal with Friends.

my family of five in august family photos portraits America


Swimming at the beach or in the pool with friends.

Jumping on the trampoline with his cousins.

Going to Silverwood Theme park and being tall enough for the big rides this year.


Having her bestie over every day of the summer. (Born the same day).

Going to Silverwood Theme Park and the lazy river at the Water Park.

Going horse back riding on a big horse, no one holding the rope, and riding with her mom and cousin.


Being naked in the sun for the summer.

Getting his first hair cut.

Swimming every day.

my family of five in august family photos portraits America

We spend the summer with my best friend that I grew up with going camping, to the beach and towing around our crew of seven of us above. She goes wherever we go and we go wherever they go. This year, we lived only five minutes from her so we got to see them more than ever before. It really made a difference how much we could do together with the kids and after they went to sleep too. Dinners out, spa days and more for just us too. We have been forever friends and will be forever friends. I hope our children take their children to all the places we take ours and make many memories for generations to come after us. my family of five in august family photos portraits America

Above is the kids cousins, well, actually there are my cousins. My mom’s brother’s kids. But they have grown up with my kids near the same ages. Each summer we stay a few days with them so they can bond and keep that cousin love going strong. I love seeing how much they have changed and we take a photo on this sofa every year to keep track. The kids just love going to my uncle’s house. my family of five in august family photos portraits America

We started new adventures in a new house, in the town where I grew up in. It was a different kind of summer but it didn’t stop us from making memories and having the best time ever. It was the beginning of a new chapter for my mom, for us, and for the kids. We said goodbye to the family home, the house my dad built, to where I got married and both older kids took their first steps. It was emotional but we love Grandma’s new house too and all the positives it has brought to us. my family of five in august family photos portraits America

We are grateful enough to have friends that drive (10 hours+) just to see us. Our kids all get along so well and love that they have that summer memories to always look back on together. I made some life long friends in college and the fact that they drive so far to meet up with us each summer, means the absolute world to us. To those that are crazy enough to drive 10 plus hours with dogs and kids in the car to see us, WE LOVE YOU ALL!

That was our summer holidays and month of August. We missed Daddy so much but he had to stay and watch over all the renovations going on at the house. Hope you have been watching my ig stories and it unfold. Pop over to my highlights and see “home renovations” to catch up we have done so much lately to the house and more coming soon.


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  1. Oh I love this Jenny, and I love following your adventures in the US every year. It must have been bitter sweet saying goodbye to the house your dad built, but sounds as if your mum has a new perfect house. It must be so lovely to spend so much time with your best friend, and the kids with their cousins and friends. What another great summer for you all x

    • It’s hard on the years Daddy doesn’t come with us but sometimes work trumps our vacations. I wish people could really get the feel for what it’s like there in the summers. AMAZING.


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