Choosing Finland for your Lapland Holiday

Last updated on September 24th, 2020 at 01:14 pm

There are so many reasons to want to go on a Lapland holiday with your kids. But with so many different destinations, it’s hard for some to choose where they should visit. Would you go to Finland, Sweden or perhaps Norway to visit Lapland?

We would choose Finland for our Lapland holiday experience because we have family ties to Finland. My grandparents were born there and immigrated to America. Growing up, I would listen to their stories of their life in Finland. It’s always been on my bucket list to go back there and chase their previous life and find our extended family members. What an experience it would be to find my family heritage while being able to give the family a Lapland holiday at the same time.

I think Lapland is one of those holidays that you can do with your family at different ages and if you’re lucky enough to go more than once in your life, it would always be a different experience. It covers such a big area above the Arctic Circle and its extreme northerly location means visitors get a unique holiday experience, no matter what time of year you take your Lapland holiday.

For me, I would choose the cliche of Christmas in Lapland. There is nothing more magical at Christmas time than going to the home of Santa. I can imagine the squeals of delight my kids would make if I told them that this year we are visiting Lapland instead of writing to Lapland! I hope to one day, when Baby O is a little bit older to make that dream come true. I would make it a great surprise and not tell them until we got on the plane!

So besides finding my heritage, what would we plan for Lapland holiday in Finland???

Lapland Finland


  1. Visiting Santa / Father Christmas
  2. Reindeer Sleigh Rides and other Reindeer interactions
  3. Snowmobiling
  4. Snowshoeing
  5. Cross-country skiing
  6. Try Husky Sledding
  7. Seeking out the Northern Lights
  8. Stay in a glass igloo in Lapland
  9. Visit the Ice Hotel
  10. Feeding Polar Bears in Ranua

Now, after reading that list, who doesn’t want to visit Lapland, Finland. What a holiday you would have?

Traveling the world with my kids has always been a huge passion of mine. Beings that we are a mix of three countries and three cultures in our home, it’s important to us that we educate our children about as many cultures and countries as we can. We feel this makes them more worldly and we are forever grateful we can take them to as many places as we have already. If it’s in the cards for us to make our Lapland, Finland holiday happen one day, we wouldn’t take it for granted.

They always say that you think it’s one of those destinations to visit as a one-off but once you experience it, you will be visiting again and again to experience it in new ways every time. I can’t think of many places that can be so different every time you visit. Can you?

Lapland holiday in Finland Husky Sledding


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