4th of July Tablescape & Rhubarb Gin with Summer Fruits Cocktail

Happy 4th of July!!!!

I hope those that are in America are celebrating this special holiday with friends and family. I am wishing I was state side already but I will be there next week to make up for it. When I think of the 4th of July I alway associated it with summer, family and friends, and so much fun to be had ahead.

I miss being home for the fourth of July celebrations. All the fireworks, parades, bbq, parties, food, kids activites and more. The whole town comes together and celebrates it’s really lovely to experience. While I have had the pleasure of having my kids there in previous years, sadly moving forward they will always be in school.  I will make the most of it with decorations like these stunning coasters and the table runner my mother made me for my dining room. It’s beautiful. That lady can sew like an angel. The detail is so gorgeous. We will hang my flag our side our house as we have done in years that I couldn’t go home for it. I love that we can teach my kids about both countries and both cultures. MM even made me a fireworks ring out of pipe cleaners at school, it was so cute. I will be wearing it all day today.

I also will be sharing my new favorite Rhubarb Gin and Summer Fruits cocktail recipe with all of you so you can celebrate with me too!

Did you know I was never a fan of gin! Don’t click away just yet. I never was a fan of gin until…

I tasted Rhubarb Gin. No, this isn’t an advertisement for Gin of any kind. I recently tried it and it reminded me of summer. While I was planning my fourth of July tablescape for this year, I thought let’s celebrate the 4th with a new Rhubarb Gin cocktail recipe.

I have never been a fan of tonic either! I know, I am really making you want to click away now. No gin, no tonic! How is a girl to like the infamous drink that has taken over the internet and most bars at the moment, let’s be honest. Gin Bars are popping up like crazy on every corner of the city.

4th of July Rhubarb Gin Summer Fruits Tablescape4th of July Rhubarb Gin Summer Fruits Tablescape

Rhubarb Gin & Summer Fruits Cocktail

a sweet fruity cocktail for summer
Author Let's Talk Mommy



  • 60 ml Robinsons Summer Fruits Cordial or any Summer Fruity Juice
  • Double Shot or 40ml Rhubarb Gin
  • 100 ml Soda Water
  • Ice


  1. Mix all liquid ingredients in a 250ml glass with ice and serve with strawberries
4th of July Rhubarb Gin Summer Fruits Tablescape

4th of July Rhubarb Gin Summer Fruits Tablescape OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

While it’s been raining and back to cold weather here in the UK, as you can see my photos aren’t bright and sunny as I wanted them to be. But hopefully the weather will turn for the weeks ahead and everyone can get out in it and have some summer fun. 

What’s your favorite things to do for summer? Are you a back garden party hostess or prefer to park hop and adventure out? I would love to know what you have planned for the summer. Comment below! 4th of July Rhubarb Gin Summer Fruits Tablescape 4th of July Rhubarb Gin Summer Fruits Tablescape

The fourth of July always kicks starts my summer no matter what country I am in at the time. I can’t wait to be home next week with family and friends in the hot sunshine for seven weeks. It’s going to be another one to remember I can feel it. With my siblings home with their families for it too, I am sure I will get plenty of chances to test out my new love for rhubarb gin with them as well. 

Have you ever tried flavored Gins? Or you a straight Gin & Tonic original??? Either way, I hope you have a lovely summer ahead. Be safe,  have fun and hope the weather is amazing where you are for it! 


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