Snapshots & Scenes From June

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:29 am

Snapshots & Scenes in July linky photography and video project

Welcome to a new project! I have joined a lovely group of bloggers that all have a passion for photographing and filming our family lives. For a long time now, I have wanted to get better at documenting our family life moments not just the big ones in a more creative way. I love sharing photos of days out, and birthday celebrations as much as our travel videos and even our day in the life photos. The only way to get better at these is to challenge myself to work on lighting, angles, zooming in, slowing things down or speeding them up but most importantly is practice.

This is how SNAPSHOTS & SCENES was born.

It’s a new monthly linky where you can join in with your photos and/or your videos (we are working with 60 second videos) for this project. Making creative films with little snapshots or scenes of our daily lives throughout the month and putting them all together to share. It’s especially exciting as instagram just launched their new videos to 60 seconds instead of the 30 seconds so you can share these on  your ig feeds now too. How exciting is that?

The snapshots can be of one day out together or a few from each week of the month like I have done that mean something to you. Your post might only include photos or only include your short videos. It’s totally up to you. We have kicked started this project with the theme of summer in mind!

While I was really prepared this month with 2 seconds from everyday of June, sadly I lost all my videos and photos when I moved everything from an old laptop over. However, it didn’t stop me from getting out there and attempting some creative snaps and putting them together in this 60 second film of our Snapshots & Scenes in July.

We have had a busy month with so much going on for the month of June and you can read what the family has been up to here in our Me & Mine Family Project. But I am excited to showcase a few snapshots that were just in my camera roll. The ones that you love but you never really do anything but look at them and love them. The random ones you come back across and think what a great moment. You don’t necessarily write a whole post and share these love little life moments but now I can here. So for my first snapshots round up of June, I took a photo from each week of the month that meant something to me and screamed summer.

Snapshots & Scenes in July linky photography and video project Snapshots & Scenes in July linky photography and video project Snapshots & Scenes in July linky photography and video project Snapshots & Scenes in July linky photography and video project Snapshots & Scenes in July linky photography and video project Snapshots & Scenes in July linky photography and video project Snapshots & Scenes in July linky photography and video project Snapshots & Scenes in July linky photography and video project

Here it’s a work in progress to snap the ordinary moments up but I love it. I am trying to get better at catching my kids in playful moments or doing things where they aren’t just sitting a posing for me which they seem to do as soon as I get the camera out. We have had birthday celebrations for MM, park days out, a road trip to see friends, shopping with MM best friend, picking flowers after school and just a whole lot of fun being together as a family. While Daddy is missing here because he has been working lots, it’s also nice to try to capture just me and the kids together and what we get up to so he can see too.

So come join us in sharing your monthly photos in your camera roll that you love so much or that mean something to you. Why not film a little snip here and there throughout the month and see what your 60 seconds video of your daily life moments looks like together? It’s so fun. This is a supportive, inspiring, helpful group of ladies so any questions just ask one of us. Please do check out their Snapshots & Scenes this month too.


Kerri-Ann – Life as Our Little Family,

Hayley – Shutterflies,

Mel – Le Coin De Mel,

Chloe – Sorry About the Mess,

Maria – One Tiny Leap,

Sara-Jayne – Keeping Up With the Jones Family,

Amber – Meet the Wildes.


8 thoughts on “Snapshots & Scenes From June”

  1. Love It Jenny! Love the photo of MM and her friend after shopping. What a lovely idea-quick question what do you use to edit the videos? Also some new bloggers here for me to go and check out-how fab! I hope to join in maybe next month then x

    • Oh thank you so much Gemma they were teenagers in the making right there. Made me laugh so hard together. We had afternoon tea with her and her mom who is a good friend of mine. I edit using imovies I am not good at all I have too much shaking and not creative angles but hoping this project gets me there. Oh yes some fab bloggers and always here to help support and answer questions just ask any of us. You can join this month too it’s open all month long!

  2. Aww you all look so happy and chilled out in your video. Sorry you lost all your footage from earlier in the month, how sad. Have a great month lovely and see you on Sunday x #snapshotsandscenes

    • Thank you. I know I am beyond devastated because I worked really hard and doing things differently than I normally do like this. I just want to get better creativity with my photos and videos. I am hoping this project helps with that. Yes definitely.

    • Thank you ever so much Beth that’s so kind of you. I want to get better with them. I need to be more creative with angles and lighting too. I am so excited for this project though and getting better at filming and editing videos of our little family. It’s something I have wanted to do more of but want to be better first. I guess practice always helps.

  3. Love your video. It just screams ‘summer!’ and your tow little ones look so happy! The shot of dirty legs is also gorgeous: it’s what childhood is all about, isn’t it? The photo of you and your little lady on the stairs is one for the wall! xxx

  4. I love the idea of using Snapshots and Scenes to showcase all those shots in the camera roll that don’t always fit into a post of their own – I have so many of those! Love your happy playground day out. So sad for you that you lost all those images and videos – I’ve had that too and it’s just the worst feeling.


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