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Have you ever been inspired to decorate a room from a past experience or a future dream? A sight you saw on holiday? Or envision something that brings back memories of a beautiful landscape you once witnessed? When I decor a room I love to choose a design that means something to me personally. It could be a canvas of a waterfall that reminds me of behind my parents’ house where I grew up. It could be a sunset on a beach that reminds me of my honeymoon in Bora Bora. I love that when I walk into that room it brings out those happy, beautiful memories. This month I am teaming up with forty-nine other bloggers to share our Horizon Trends in our own homes and inspire you to do the same.

I have a whole pinterest board about letting nature inspire you and bringing it into your inside home decor. You can get so creative with something as small as a branch that you found on a walk in the woods. Make a candle holder out of it, lay it on your fireplace mantel for a home accessory, or put it in a vase and hang things off it’s smaller branches if it has them.

In my own home I have a few rooms that follow the horizon trends. In my dining room I have white twig tree wallpaper like this gorgeous Graham & Brown Solitude Beige wallpaper. For me, it reminds me of my childhood, running through the forest on a bright sunny morning and my siblings and I playing hide and go seek. The light used to pour in between the branches and warm our heads. It gives it such an outdoor feel to my shabby chic decor I have paired it with.

Graham & Brown Solitude Beige Wallpaper Home decor

We have a semi open planned house so I followed the tree theme in the back of my house all the way through. In our back sitting room where my office is I have a similar theme but different colors as this also adorns my hubby when soccer is on or listening the stock market in the mornings. Before I took over it as my office it was his man-cave so I stuck to the same theme just darker more masculine colors. There are green leaves on the cream curtains that cover our sliding glass doors that match the pillows on the sofa. I have recently just added this white unit for the kids to put their toys in the bottom baskets and create a place for this stunning Graham & Brown Silver Fretwork Mirror. It’s the most stunning mirror in person too. The light floods in from the patio and just makes the whole room glow as it reflects in the mirror. This mirror reminds me of secret gardens in fairytales. I can envision it on the brick outside in my garden next summer for sure. Until then I adore it from the distance of my sofa. I love the texture it adds to the room and the geometric shapes in the mirror. I wish my photo could have caught the morning sun light. (we all know how bright light and cameras pair though). On our wall we have a canvas of trees to pull it all together and with this mirror it truly feels like my own inside garden oasis now.

Home Decor Horizon Trends Graham & BrownThere is so many different horizon trends you can go with and mine just happens to be the forest like the one where I grew up. I think it was a subconscious idea but I am glad I went with it. In our old house I had decorated every room as if we were on a beach. Our honeymoon memories used to be everywhere around the house. The canvas above our bed made us feel like we were waking every morning on that white sandy beach of Bora Bora without a care in the world. Why not let your home decor inspire you, motivate you, and keep happy memories alive?

Canvas like this one below are great focal points of a room. This one looks so much like Formby Beach to me, a place we take our kids both in the summer and winter for weekend family adventures. It also feels like a canvas you could get lost in on a rainy day to bright your mood. I like keeping my home light and airy in a cloudy and rainy climate that we live in I really believe it helps keeps our moods uplifted.

Canvas Home Decor Horizon Trends Graham & BrownWhat horizons have you incorporated into your home? Do you use landscapes to bring in memories of the past or dreams of the future? I would love to hear what you think?

Let’s all bring a little mother nature indoors.

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Graham & Brown home accessories wallpaper wall art

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7 thoughts on “Home Decor // Horizon Trends from Graham + Brown”

  1. I love the tree/forest theme you went with. I haven’t really thought about bringing a nature theme in our flat, but I think when I do get a chance to decorate, it might be based on a peaceful zen garden I once visited in California.

    • Oh a zen garden sounds absolutely amazing hun. You should definitely go for it. I love the feeling of having a little outdoor vibe indoors and mixing the two. You can do anything with home interiors.

  2. You know I don’t think I ever plan beyond a colour when I’m decorating a room and I think that’s my downfall. I definitely need to put more work into “themes”! 🙂


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