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Have you ever decorated a room around something that meant a lot to you or held significant emotional attachment to it? Why not take something from one room that is ‘precious’ to you and create a space around it? I have been doing just this in my office and back room of the house.

I love the idea of a memory room full of precious moments that I have collected over the years with my family. I had this idea to decorate the room around all the black and white photos I have of all of us as our couch and rug was black and white already. I pulled a few colors out of the room for now to focus on what frames and cushions I wanted to add to it. I wanted the photos, our beloved memories, to be the main focus of the room on my ikea poster shelves and on the wall. In my mind it will be like a gallery of family all looking back at me when I am finished.

Best4Frames Giveaway and Review Home Decor Shelves and FramesWhile the room has a long way to go before I am finished with it, I have been looking over on Pinterest for some great ideas too. A memory room is a great room to show our adventures as a family. I feel like having a room like this makes it peaceful to relax in and work in. Who doesn’t work better surround by love? I know, I will love looking up with my family smiled out at me.

My desk on the other side of the room is next on my list to be revamped to match my new ‘memory’ room. My photos as a parent, blogger, and amateur photographer are so precious to me. There isn’t one room in the house that I don’t have picture frames scattered around each space. Even the hallway upstairs and downstairs is littered with them. But I love the idea of a space that is centered around them, where they are not just added after the fact but really focused on. It doesn’t have to be photos that mean the world to you, it might be other home accessories that hold emotions, memories, or are precious to you in some way, shape or form. A clock, a vase, a statute, a chair…what’s precious to you?

Decorating a memory room Graham & Brown wallpaper wall art cushions home accessories

As a Graham + Brown brand ambassador I am wrestling up some “precious” room ideas to decorate around things that mean something to me for the month of July. I love being apart of such a great company and the challenges they send me and forty-nine other bloggers each month. It gets my creative juices flowing and my pinterest happy fingers pinning for sure. I have chosen a ‘memory’ theme room to center around my photos in a gallery style but anything can be precious to you. It could be a special book that you decorate around by it’s inspiring story. Your options are endless.

I came upon this gorgeous Graham + Brown grey wallpaper that I think would look great in a memory room. It allows the photos on the wall to pop and stand out instead of the wallpaper but at the same time adds texture and a little grey color to the wall behind. I am adding something very similar behind my desk when I get a chance to really make my corner space split off from the rest of the room but also blend with the theme.

Decorating a memory room Graham & Brown wallpaper wall art cushions home accessories I love the idea of a memory room and can’t wait until I have added more to my office and back room space to create such a space. I am constantly taking photos every day. There aren’t moments that I don’t want to capture and print out to share around my house. I am not one of those that keep a lot of out dated photos either so in my memory room, it can be a space that holds the history of our family. A place where I won’t update all the picture frames every month or every event. A place I can be in that brings memories flooding back to me every time when I want to reminisce whereas the rest of the house is always updated with new snapshots.

Decorating a memory room Graham & Brown wallpaper wall art cushions home accessories

My new ‘memory’ room idea is full of black and white home accessories. I have always wanted a camera cushion but have never had a room that it would make sense in or match the decor until now. I absolutely am in love with this Snapshot cushion. I know it will look amazing on my office chair once I get my desk space revamped and final touches to it. I have been writing a lot lately of how you can use your home decor for outdoor living as much as indoor living. For me, nothing inside my house is off limits to take outside.  While my office chair isn’t ready for my amazing cushion yet, it’s definitely still being used. I snuggle up outside on a bench to read a book with it. I lean against it while in the shade going over the photos I have taken that day. Where I am chilling out,  it’s been chilling out right with me with its stylish calligraphy and camera sketched showcased on the front. I think I have a little love for getting new cushions, this is definitely a favorite of mine. One can never have too many cushions, it’s a home rule, I always follow.

Decorating a memory room Graham & Brown wallpaper wall art cushions home accessories What is precious to you? Would you decorate a space or room around something that is precious to you? Or do you prefer to add those touches after you decorate? Would love to hear what you think below…

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    • Thank you. You can be great at it just got to start from scratch find a theme and slowly work your way too it. Moodboards and pinterest are a huge help finding a room that kind of looks like the one you want to do and copy it. Pinterest just search for words for things you like for example camera cushion or black and white bathrooms or kitchens etc.


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