Letters to him & her ~ #26

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:28 pm

writing letters to my children and a weekly photo projecthim

B, my little boy with a heart on your sleeve. You have had a tough week this week. If it isn’t your emotions running wild or trying to understand why we have yet to return to England, it’s the potty training issues all over again. After being potty trained for so long you seem to be having accidents daily and I don’t know if it’s the traveling, being away from Daddy or just a phase you have hit of being too busy and not wanting to stop and go. Whatever it is, I hope it doesn’t last. I keep feeling guilty that it may be too long away from home for you. I feel bad for that. I just want you to have the best summer with my side of the family before you start school. It will be our very last BIG summer here and moving forward it will only ever be a few weeks. So I hope you are enjoying time with your cousins and all the warm weather and swimming so much you just forget to go now. You also have been eating every thing in sight lately so I am fully prepared for another growth spurt even if your wardrobe isn’t ready for the next size up. I was hoping I would make it until September without having to buy you more clothes when you would finally be in school uniforms instead. Silly me, at the rate you grow I will have to grab you a few things before summer is over. You continue to love swimming and being outside everyday and that makes me happy. You love freedom and space to run wild and use up all that energy you have that seems to be endless. 

writing letters to my children and a weekly photo projecther

MM, my little girl with curls. Your hair is really growing so long now and it’s starting to curl. You are growing up so much here in the states. We have had to buy you all new clothes and even had to hand down some of your new stuff to your bestie, K, because it doesn’t fit you anymore. You got to the point where not one pair of shoes fit you here so off we went with a good shopping excuse. You are playing, sleeping, napping amazingly here in the states but for some reason your usual never ending appetite is completely gone. I put it down to the heat but I am not used to you refusing food and you just nibble here and there now. Maybe you are coming to the end of your growth spurt (I hope so) and don’t need as much. It’s definitely a new one for me to get used to not giving you breakfast right when you wake up because you down right refuse it no matter what it is. Your speech is coming on amazingly and I love your little American accent that is forming. I only wish you could keep it when we go back home. It’s so beautiful. Your little voice is turning into a little girl’s and the baby squeal is now gone. I have been enjoying watching you leave your baby stages behind (while also emotional about it) and embracing full toddler-ville. You are quickly learning how a toddler should act with the tantrums, attitude, and sassiness too. I am raising a diva, for sure, in you. I hope you are enjoying this time with family and outdoor adventures. 


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6 thoughts on “Letters to him & her ~ #26”

  1. MM’s hair really is looking so long- she is growing into a beautiful little girl. Sorry Buba is struggling a little, it must take some time to adjust to being in a new place and realising you aren’t going home for a while. Don’t feel guilty though, they are making the best memories at home with your family. x

    • It is taking over her lately. I don’t want to cut it but it’s growing in a way it’s always in her eyes if I don’t pigtail it. Thanks Katie. I needed to hear that. 🙂 I hope so.

  2. Aw they are beautiful. B looks so grown up, and definitely like a school boy, no longer a little boy.. Fingers cross the accidents disappear soon and it’s just a short phase.

    • He really has grown up loads and gotten so tall too. I know my little school boy I can’t believe it. Weep. I really hope it’s just a random phase. So frustrating when I never pack anything for him because he never has them.


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