Popsicle flare in your home

Last updated on June 23rd, 2017 at 01:19 pm

Last month, I announced that I am very honored to be one of this year’s Graham & Brown brand ambassadors. Each month, I will be taking on a interior design challenge and there is nothing I love more than decorating and styling a home so adding a different monthly challenge is just pure heaven.

This month the design theme is surrounded by Popsicles. Why not it’s supposed to be summer isn’t it?

I love the vibrant colors of delicious sticky, sugary popsicles. It brings back so many memories of my childhood just thinking about them and the hot summers I grew up in. I also love those same vibrant colors throughout my home. If there is any season to bring those colors indoors, summer is it. Yes, I live in England now and those months of hot weather are gone but even more reason to be feeling bright and breezy from your home decor and it’s display of powerful colors amongst your walls. 

It’s easy to find these powers of color in the home decor shops this season. I have created my dream “Popsicle” inspired office. An office should welcome you in, bring happy feelings of beautiful days, yummy treats, and inspire you with fresh ideas. I truly believe being surrounded by bright colors has a positive effect on people. When you are working away at the computer all day, its nice to look around you and be surrounded by so many beautiful things. Graham & Brown have these amazing typography canvas and matching cushions that are absolutely dreamy. I think if I had the space to decorate a “popsicle” office is the way I would go. Just for fun I would color each wall a different color, one pink, one yellow, one blue and keep one white. Graham & Brown have lovely shades of paint for this too. If you aren’t brave enough to go splashing color all over the walls why not settle for painting a few miss matched wooden chairs for your desk and the corner of the room. It’s nice to have a place where others can sit too. Of course, my sorbet flavored office here wouldn’ be complete without gorgeous fresh flowers in glass vases. Mixed peonies are my absolute favorite if only I could get them year round I would feel like I won the lottery. They always make me smile. To finish my popsicle office off, I would have a huge corner table full of the best sweets in vintage jars I could find. I love have jars of sweets all over the house. It’s a good thing I can resist them because I think they are so fun to use as decor and always nice to offer a guest a sweet or two when they come to visit. 

Popsicle flare in your home Graham & Brown interiorWhat do you think of my “Popsicle” inspired home office? Do you have vibrant colors running through your home? Have you heard of Graham & Brown before? 

If not, they are a well established British company that have been around for decades. They truly started the wallpaper revolution after the war and are known for their amazing, classy, and stylish paper styles. Their designs stick out from the rest and sure to make your home looking it’s best from wallpaper, paint to home accessories. You can get to know them here

Graham & Brown brand ambassador home interior design

*I am a brand ambassador for G&B but all opinions and design styles are my own. Photo credits: Desk, Chairs, Flowers, Lamp, Candy, Desk Accessories, Canvas/Cushions & Paint from Graham & Brown.


7 thoughts on “Popsicle flare in your home”

    • Oh that sounds amazing. I look forward to seeing your creation. Office space should be vibrant and make you feel great when you are in it and inspired.

  1. I have just moved into another flat and was looking for ideas and this has given me plenty. Thank you.

    • Thank you darling. I am in love with vibrant colors against white and grey background tones. So summery and inviting and always leave me smiling.


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