Letters to him & her ~ Konfidence Edition

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We have been lucky and grateful this year to have so many opportunities to play in the sun and water. My children are true water babies right from the moment they were born. We have had enjoyed years of swimming lessons together too. As they get older it’s time we branch out from Mommy and Daddy holding them in the water and letting them practice independently and gain more water confidence. This past week in Spain we have had the chance to do just that with the kids’ Konfidence swimwear. B loves his new orange Konfidence life jacket. It allows him to be free of our grasps and feel like a big kid in the pool. MM was a little weary of her floatsuit on at first as she had to get used to the buoyancy feeling and the eight individual floats that surrounded her middle but it was soon a godsend for her as she is really pushing the boundaries of her independence in the water. Both buoyancy aids really helped the kids make the most of their swimming time abroad with out Mr P and I having to be completely on top of them which is both great for us as much as it was for them. 

writing weekly letters to my children him & her him

B, it was magical to watch you truly blossom into a confident swimmer in Spain. You used to be my baby, clinging onto me in the water and now you are running up the stairs and jumping in and out of the pool independently. I sat back this past weekend watching you look so grown up somewhere between you and Daddy doing canon balls together, I got emotional. It was your first time being completely free in the pool and brave without us having to help you. Without needed us anymore and I know there is more to come of this independence as soon as you start school this September. It’s hard letting go and giving you room to experience things on your own without needing me anymore. The emotions quickly turned into happy feelings though as I have never seen you so happy, squealing so loudly, and having so much fun in the water. You went from testing the waters out to swimming end to end, jumping in and exploring the entire pool with your new life jacket on. It will definitely be one we will be taking on all our upcoming holidays to give you the space you need and the freedom to learn on your own. 

writing weekly letters to my children him & her her

MM, my little blossom how you are changing everyday. Your swimming is improving with each holiday we take. You have always been the one that loves the water the most but try to push your boundaries of independence a little too far sometimes still. You hate that we still hold onto you as you want to be like your big brother and just jump in free of our grasps. Your swimming skills aren’t quite there yet and I wish you would stay little a little longer. This week we tested out your new Konfidence floatsuit to help you have more freedom and confidence in the water. At first you found it a little hard to keep your head above water and your bum from floating higher then the rest of you. It didn’t take long before you got the hang of it and we could take a few steps back to give you the space you shout at us to give you. I enjoyed watching you try to figure out what you could do with your new freedom. You were squealing with delight in the pool all holiday. I could never get sick of that sound of laughter and splashing that comes from you. We are truly a water family and getting Daddy there too now. 

writing weekly letters to my children him & her Konfidence Review

This holiday in Spain was one of my most favorite times swimming with you both. I don’t know if it’s all down to your new Konfidence swimming gear or if it’s age; most likely both that made it such a great experience for us all. I hope you both have memories to hold from it or at least this post in the future will bring them all back to you again. 

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*We are proud to be Swimologist for Konfidence this year! We have been sent these items for the purpose of this review but all photos and opinions are my own 

9 thoughts on “Letters to him & her ~ Konfidence Edition”

  1. The Konfidence life jacket looks amazing. I think I might need to invest in one of them. S absolutely loves the water and is happy to do running jumps into the pool if he knows someone is in there to catch him (or he’s got a ring around him). #sharewithme

    • They are soooo worth it, honestly we have never had so much fun in the pool on holiday together. Usually its fussing because we have to hold on to both of them as they are still too young to go alone and it was just so amazing what confidence they can build with these aids. Definitely worth a purchase. Thank you.

  2. I keep hearing about this brand and it looks like those jackets are really handy. I need to invest in something like these as armbands dont seem to be cutting it. #tried&tested

    • Nah we never liked armbands here either and it was great to all play in the pool and not have to watch both of my toddlers like a hawk and hold them most of the time. We all felt free.


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