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Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:40 am

Autumn is a hard one for me to find things to wear that I are on trend and I like. I know, it should be the easiest season to dress for. Everyone is always talking about big knitted sweaters (they make me itch), dark moody colors like orange, burgundy, and navy (my entire wardrobe is pastel) and tall boots and big coats (get too hot). So as you can see I am not your typical Autumn fashion blogger here. I can’t stick with trends for every season but I try to adapt my love for pastels and incorporate a little Autumn trend into what I already wear to stay stylish. I am working on buying more mustard and burgundy but it still feels so far from what I am used to in my color scheme.  What is your favorite Autumn style or color?

Everyone has a favorite item to wear each season whether it’s your favorite swim cover for summer to your favorite puffer coat for winter. My favorite item in Autumn is my silk blazer. I loved this blazer from River Island from the moment I walked in the shop and saw it hanging there. It screamed me. It’s bow tie sleeves, burgundy and burnt orange floral print makes it perfect for Autumn time. The pale pink makes it go with my entire wardrobe. It is the most comfortable blazer I have ever had. I have a few too many to say the least. 

I also love a good chunky necklace to pair with my blazers. Think accessorizing with blazers keeps them feeling chic and girlie rather than masculine. The detail in this silk blazer is so lovely I didn’t really need any other color to go with it so I stuck to white and beige top and bottoms. I love my gold sparkly shoes even if hubby says they look like slippers. They even feel like slippers but they are my favorite shoes ever! 

I love the length of this blazer too. I do love a good cropped one at the hips but this one is slightly longer passed my hips. The pockets are fake but I love the detail they add to the sides. The peephole elbows is a nice touch when I wear a lace long sleeve top underneath so you can see it. 

Of course, who doesn’t grab some gorgeous flowers at the floral shop while walking the streets of Manchester with friends? I know, it’s the first place we stop even if it is from a beautiful prop. Flowers always make me smile I wonder if this is why I buy so many floral tops! Can you ever wear too much floral?

Here you have it my favorite silk blazer. I have paired it with white jeans, burgundy corduroy trousers, skirts, and more. It’s such a great piece that is very versatile. It changes the way it looks in every outfit so I don’t feel like I am wearing the same thing all the time. I normally don’t do the tucked in tshirt look and skinny belt but I liked it here. Trying new things is fun as the seasons change. I am in need of some more Autumn clothes desperately any suggestions for me? 

What are you wearing this Autumn? 

11 thoughts on “My favorite Silk Blazer”

    • Oh yes I had a burgundy knit under it the other day it was fab and then other day wore burgundy skinny jeans. I love the cut. I love I can wear it all year round various ways.

    • Our trips have been fab haven’t they? I just need to learn to stop talking or pulling funny faces or half of them my eyes are shut! EEEK got to practice that stair pose you showed me too. lol Thanks hunny I always have fun with you ladies.

    • I wouldn’t say knack for it. I just live in white/grey/pastels hahahah so everything goes together. I love a good blazer. Thank you for your kind compliments.

  1. This really suits you Jenny, but then you always look so well put together. I need to have a big wardrobe overhaul soon. I feel like none of my clothes are doing me any favours right now xx

    • I recycle I have clothes I wore in high school still in my wardrobe. I buy things and then I might fall out with it and years later love it again. I do the same with shoes too.


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