The world through a child’s eyes

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When we have a baby we coo over every inch of them from the very beginning. We take in their tiny toes and little fingers, one at a time. We soak up their baby smells and cuddles as much as we possibly can. But what do they see at first? They have no vision of color yet so they recognize our smells and sounds first. Slowly their vision develops and comes into focus over the first year of their life. They eventually can see their parents cooing over them in perfect detail.

For my own first born this eye development stayed hazy. The fog never lifted to perfect detail. He started squinting one eye to focus on toys and I noticed when taking photographs that is left eye wobbled. After a eye exam, it was clear he needed glasses. He did well with wearing them permanently and he could see the world in perfect detail again. 

He had two years of a foggy way of seeing the world without me knowing it. I felt very guilty at first that it took me so long to notice.  I never thought to see the world through my child’s eyes until I found out he needed glasses. It’s not my fault at all but I found it very interesting to learn how baby’s vision develops each stage and the variety of ways I could have possibly helped his vision develop. Not saying, he wouldn’t need glasses but it’s better to catch their vision struggles as early as possible. 

My daughter came along and I was more aware at the various stages of vision from birth to child and onward. I cooed over her just as I had done with my son in great detail but I always had a watchful eye on how her vision was developing. Excuse the pun, none intended. It was fascinating that we as babies see a grey fog in our early days of life and yet it only took a few months for things to become more clear.  

Now that my two are no longer babies, they are seeing the world in detail. They can take in the tiny details of the things around them as we have done to them from the moment they were born. It’s a whole new world to them from when they were first born in so many ways now to explore. 

Vision direct have made this amazing interactive tool to see all the various stages of a baby’s eye development and even provides you development tips for each stage to help your child’s vision progress. You can see here the difference between 1 month old baby’s vision and a 9 month old baby’s vision. It’s a drastic change in only a small amount of time. By 12 months, your baby’s vision will be perfectly clear, their adult vision level if you will, if they have no vision issues.

Vision direct baby's vision interactive tool see the world through your baby's eyes Vision direct baby's vision interactive tool see the world through your child's eyes

Did you know about the various stages of a baby’s vision? Check out the full interactive toll below and see the world through your child’s eyes and what you can do to help develop his/her vision to the next stage.  

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3 thoughts on “The world through a child’s eyes”

  1. This was a sweet post. We love taking our grandchildren on “adventures”, which usually is nothing but a walk to explore God world. It’s a joy to listen to them, especially to the 5 year old. He says some very profound statements that cause to of course think he is so smart. (“)

  2. How interesting! I like the visuals, they hit home for us with our 10 month old! It’s one thing to read about vision, but another to ‘see’ it! Have a great week!


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