Holiday Gift Guide for the Kids

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 02:12 pm

Are you looking for ideas of what to buy your little ones for this holiday Christmas? I love a good gift guide to seek out the latest trends for the kids, the coolest toys and the fun presents in between like your Christmas pyjamas and slippers. Each year, there are so many new things to choose from it can be a little daunting to pick a few things they want and need and make it a merry one.

This week, I am sharing my holiday gift guide for the kids. This is full of popular high demand toys your little ones might have on their list, a few must have Christmas traditional gifts as well as a few gadgets and educational toys for you to think outside the box.

My kids usually will get a fun Christmas sweater rolled up in their stocking to wear on Christmas day. It’s a family tradition and of course with that some fun Christmas slippers. Doesn’t everyone like to be warm and cozy on Christmas day? I know, we do. I love buying them one big present each and maybe a small one to feel like they really got spoiled for the holiday. Their big present is usually something they have been asking for all year long like a new bike, or a new dollhouse. And their small present to accompany I like to think outside the box. I like to buy them something they wouldn’t think of but would get a lot of fun and use out of it. It could be a family game or an educational game for them to share or a gadget or two that makes playing more fun.
Oregon Scientific Products

Sometimes it’s great to think outside the box of your normal retailer and shops that you would rely on for your Christmas shopping. Like these four items above from Oregon Scientific, they are items that would be great for my two kids for their smaller present. Items they could share, learn and have fun with or add a bit of modern pop color to their bedroom.

Bedroom accessories are just as great for the kids especially if they are at that stage wanting to feel more grown up. For example, this radio alarm clock lights up and comes in a variety of colors. My son at the moment is all about acting grown up and being a big kid. This would be perfect to replace his toddler gro clock that he has more than grown out of now. It’s modern design would fit perfect with his decor and the LCD display could still act like a nightlight without him feeling like a little one still.

This Smart Globe and Smart Anatomy are both brilliant educational games and fun learning experiences my two kids could do together. Hours of fun and learning along the way. Those really do end up being the very best presents.

Of course, if your kids are like mine they love a good kids-youtube-session on the iPad to relax and kick back with. I just love these Cat Ear Headphones. They really do sound as cool as they look. Their bright LED lights can be controlled independently from the speakers. You can listen to your own music or simply switch to a sound system that everyone can enjoy using the external cat ear speakers. The Cat Ear Headphones are a perfect gift for kids and also for gamers – simply plug in the detachable boom microphone and you’ve got trendy headset.

Holiday gift guide for the kids

01. Smart Anatomy Game / 02. Next Xmas Kids Pyjamas / 03. GLTC Wigwam / 04. F&F Xmas Jumper Kids / 05. Spinderella Julia Donaldson Book / 06. Red Radio Alarm Clock / 07. Hatchimals / 08. Xmas bobble hat / 09. Ana and Elsa Doll Set / 10. Cat Ear Headphones / 11. Lego Advent Calendar / 12. GLTC Play Cafe / 13. Minecraft Lego Set 14. GLTC Ice Cream Set / 15. Smart Globe

There are so many of these my own kids want for Christmas. We are thinking of getting this Cafe from GLTC for their big present and a few smaller presents to go with it. It’s great that it can be a gift that they can have fun with over and over. I don’t think it’s about how many presents we buy our children at Christmas time that makes it so magical. I know my own children play way longer with just a few presents and cherish them more rather than ripping open present after present to add to their pile and never play with them.

So this Christmas take some time to think about the quality presents you are giving your children. Find something that will wow them, entertainment and have fun with maybe learning or even a toy they can share with siblings to enjoy too. My two being close in age, they really feel like they get alot because most of the time their receive present they can share with each other too. So it’s a constant game of switching back and forth or playing with something together. I love that.

What is on your kid’s Christmas list to Santa this year? Did I give you some good ideas for what you want to buy them?


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    • I just love thinking outside the box but making them items they can really get something out of if you know what I mean. Glad you liked it. Looking forward to sharing my Mom and Dad holiday lists soon too.

    • Wow better than most. hahaha They are all everyone is talking about. Too expensive though for what they are don’t you think? Media loves to boost prices of hot toys like this. Glad you got one. Hope the kids love it. You will have to tell me if it’s worth it. hahaha


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