Siblings {November 2016}

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Siblings November 2016 family portrait project

It’s been a funny old start to November. The weather can’t make up it’s mind and the light has truly gone in the mornings and early evenings. It seems weird some days to wake up when it’s dark and not really feel like it’s got light out before it’s dark again on the school runs. I know my two have been utterly confused by it. They are constantly asking me, “why is it so dark outside, is it bedtime”. I am very tempted somedays at 3:30 pm to say, “why, yes it is”. But that would be just cruel. Somehow the start to November hasn’t flown by like it has done in other months.

The kids have been back in school full force after half term to Spain. They are back into their routines and after school activities. Mommy is back to being a taxi for them which I don’t mind. I love watching them in their different lessons whether it’s swimming, Spanish or soccer or gymnastic. I am so proud of them and all they accomplish already at their age. B is doing amazing in school still and loving it. I hope MM loves school next year as much as her brother does.

Together they have been little minions of torment. Not towards each other but towards myself and Daddy. It’s like they are pushing all our buttons as best they can, teamed up together against us. Whether it’s overflowing the bath and laughing their heads off together about it. Or running and hiding together from us when we are telling them to do something, it’s been constant disobedience in team efforts. MM is no longer throwing her threeager tantrums that had me in tears a few weeks ago which is a relief but I am not battling two little ones ganging up on me and not listening. While I am grateful they don’t fight hard core like some siblings do, I don’t know if teaming up against me and being naughty together is any easier. I feel tired just typing it. Siblings November 2016 family portrait projectSiblings November 2016 family portrait project

I know they need to get out and get fresh air as much as possible. We do try our best to go our local parks around us. We try to give them outdoor time where they can run around, shout, be silly, chase each other or throw leaves at one another. As you can see above, it’s usually they ganging up on me with the leaves and laughing their heads off no matter how much I beg them to stop. I fear the worse sometimes when they get giddy together. 

Other times they can be so loving and helpful to me. They help me put away the groceries together. They help each other with heavier items in the grocery bag. B is so quick to run and hug her and hand her Darcy Duck when she is crying or upset. MM is just as quick to help tuck B in bed before going to her own bed. I love how much they show love and affection to each other. Even when they may not be show it to me or Daddy at least they are still showing it to each other. At the moment, I have nicknamed them my minion monsters. Great parenting, I know, don’t judge me. 

It only takes a minute to look at their cheeky faces and know just how much trouble they both are capable of getting into. When they are apart they are quiet and sweet for both Mr P and I but something happens when they get together at the moment, their energy levels soar to frightening heights. It’s like someone sparked them with extra wattages or together they just go insanely hyper. They giggle and laugh louder than I have ever heard children when they get together. The house seems to be constantly booming at the moment. Siblings November 2016 family portrait projectSiblings November 2016 family portrait projectSiblings November 2016 family portrait project
Siblings November 2016 family portrait project


Playing at the park.

Being in Spain the first part of the month.

Being silly and hyper together.

Sticking their tongues out.

Riding their scooters through mud puddles.

Putting puzzles together on the kitchen floor.

Baking mini pizzas for dinner themselves.

Siblings November 2016 family portrait projectSiblings November 2016 family portrait project

I can’t believe how much these two have grown in the last few weeks, especially MM she is catching up to her brother. They are looking more and more like the same age and getting asked if they are twins. Their conversations are so deep now I love listening in and spying on them when they play upstairs together. I hope they continue to laugh and be silly together as a team for many years to come. It may be frustrating at times if they gang up on me but they are so nicely playing together it’s hard to get cross over it. When they do bicker because it does happen, they are so quick to make up and go off to play some more together. I am so proud of my little duo and the little people they are becoming. 

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14 thoughts on “Siblings {November 2016}”

    • Thank you they really do have cheeky grins don’t they? I do think it’s the small age gap where they love to pick on mom and dad together and I sometimes think as long as it’s not on each other I am ok with that. lol

  1. They do look like a cheeky little pair and part of a set. As Holly is getting older, I can see the way my girls play together change and often hear Alice whisper to Holly lets do this. I think its only a matter of time before they are ganging up together. Holly is a little monkey anyway! x #thesiblingproject

    • Oh yes the whisper… we have the whisper and I remember the moment it began and I knew it would be cute but trouble hahaha. It’s great though that they aren’t ganging up and bickering all the time to each other so I can’t really complain.

    • It really is a friend for life in most cases of siblings and I love watching them grow up together and become even closer. It’s a beautiful gift. I can’t imagine just having one now.

    • It’s hard disciplining them when they are ganging up on me because in reality they are having so much fun being a team and I am glad they aren’t fighting and bickering between them. So I take it when I can. lol They are always better outside though in the midst of fields to run free and be wild.

    • No not just you my lovely I have millions of outtakes with facial expressions, picking noses, bored, not looking at me. It’s not easy photographing my two at all I promise you.

  2. What gorgeous photos!
    Chloe was ever so cross with me a couple of weeks ago as she thought I’d picked her up from after school club really late – it was just dark!

    • Oh bless her thats so sweet but so sad, hate the dark days of winter. The kids really do get confused don’t they? Thank you for your kind compliments the kids were full of smiles on our park trip so I got lucky this month. It’s normally a fight for them to even look at me with a camera. Hope all is well with you darling.


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