Bringing a sense of calm into your home

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It’s Wallpaper Week this week. You didn’t know, where have you been? Redecorating your home, ok I will let you off. I am celebrating #wallpaperweek with Graham & Brown who are famously known for their amazing, high quality, stylish wallpaper for decades now. 

No matter how we like to decorate our home, I bet most of us have used wallpaper in our houses either in the past or present to bring a room to life. Whatever feeling we have in mind, I also bet most of us have that one place in our house that we feel calm and relaxed in. A room we decorated with a sense of tranquility on our mind. It might be a bathroom that you have transformed into a spa like oasis to take your after work hot baths by candle light. Just typing that makes me feel zen. Or it might be a sitting room or office you have chosen calmer tones and cozy throw pillows to invite people in to sit and recharge, a place you might even read a book on a rainy evening by the fire. Whatever it is I am sure we all have that spot or dream of having that spot in our own homes. A place to put our daily responsibilities aside and unwind. 

I find I like to decorate with the feelings of calm in mind in most of the rooms in my house. It’s the style I am most drawn to when I am designing a room. For me, I am a high energy, loud, anxious person and my day to day life is crazy so I like to come home to the total opposite. I choose wallpaper and paint that are more neutrals tones with greys and pastel colors involved. My knickknacks are bursting full of candles, candle holders, twinkly lights, lamps, and other glowing light effects. I rarely use the light switch as the light always seems too intense at night. Let’s not forget what makes a room feel the most calm; oversized cushions, fuzzy crocheted blankets, and a place that you can curl up in. After all cozy and calm are best friends when it comes to home interiors.

I have been working on a few rooms in my house, one of them is my spare bedroom. It’s not quite finished but I have centered the design around a calm style for my guests. The wallpaper I have is very similar to this Vintage Flock Soft Grey from Graham + Brown. I have paired it with all white emboidered bed linen and blush rose pillow shams, and pink roses beside the bed. I think pairing blush rose, light greys with all white makes it bright, fresh and inviting.

Graham and Brown wallpaper week Grey Damask Wallpaper calm feeling

The damask style wallpaper brings style and design to my spare room and is only on one wall so it’s a feature wall. I have a featured wall in almost every room in the house. This way I can keep my decor simple and easy to change with the seasons but have my wallpaper as the main design concepts in each room. Wallpaper can really change the entire look, feel, attitude, and size of a room. Depending on your room you can go all out and wallpaper it all or do a focal feature. Some are brave like me and split it on two opposite walls, leaving the other two white. I have done this in my dining room and love it.   

Graham and Brown wallpaper week Grey Damask Wallpaper calm feeling

Someday, I would love to have a study in my house. One that writers dream of full of white french doors, natural light flooding in, a large double seated desk where my husband and I can work side by side at home. I envision a fluffy rug underneath our feet, and a large armchair with throw cushions galore upon it, sitting in the corner asking me to take a break. The walls lined with white bookshelves and packed full of all our favorite books. I absolutely adore this idea of book covers matching the wallpaper on a shelf below. I could see myself doing this in my study or even the hallway with this Trellis Parchment wallpaper. It’s corky, fresh, trendy, and books somehow always make us think of getting cozy and being calm.  

Graham and Brown wallpaper week Grey Damask Wallpaper calm feeling

What room in your house makes you feel calm? Have you decorated specifically as your oasis room to go to or are you naturally drawn to more tranquil home decor?  How far does your love for wallpaper go? I know I am a huge fan of the one wall featured look, maybe you prefer the whole room on showcase. I would love know, leave a comment below.

*I am a Graham & Brown ambassador, however all opinions and ideas are my own. This week we are celebrating wallpaper week. 

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  1. Oh I just love the Vintage Block Soft Grey wallpaper – that would look lovely in my bedroom. I am like you and love a feature wall. I feel wallpaper finishes a room of more than just paint. Although paint is a lot easier!! x


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