Milestones of him, her, them ~ #livingarrows #50

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:17 am

Milestones of baby and toddler Christmas Photos


Buba, your first Christmas nursery photo you look more than your age. Another million¬†milestones have passed you. I was so impressed how well you sat and smiled for the camera for a stranger when on some many (daily) occasions you will not do the same for me. I am so excited for Christmas this year because it will be your first true Christmas as you understand what’s going on and who is coming if you are a good boy. You can read all about Santa now and feel the magic of it all with us. I see it in your eyes already. Last year, you were still too young but I am sure come Christmas morning you will be running down the stairs to see what Santa brought you. You find the magic in our Elf, Roma, hiding all over the house each morning. I love you chose such a none Christmas name for him out of the blue. From now on Christmas will be full of magical stories, full of magical adventures and to watch it all happening through your beautiful innocent eyes is magical for us too.

Milestones of baby and toddler Christmas Photos


Missy Moo, you are forever moving and hard to pin down for a photo for anyone. This year’s nursery Christmas photos were no different either. The photographer tried to bribe you with toys and entertain you with things in the air and you sat looking at him like, my mom does all that it doesn’t work” look on your face. But when you least expected it he got a smile. Your smile melts my heart and I wish you would love the camera more so I could capture it over and over. This Christmas is an in-between Christmas for you. You are not quite old enough to understand it fully but old enough to know how to rip something open so I am excited to see what you think of it all. You were six months old last Christmas so opening presents wasn’t as entertaining as chewing the boxes that your toys came in. Either way, I am sure you will still have a magical Christmas day as I know how much you love crinkling all that wrapping paper so I asked Santa to double wrap everything just for you.

Milestones of baby and toddler Christmas Photos


If I could ever get a photo of you both sitting still and smiling together I would faint. You both move so much and are constantly on the go (Daddy blames me for that you know) and it’s the hardest thing to get you both in the same place stationary and looking forward. My momma always said just take the photo anyway whether you are crying, moving, or glaring at the camera. I have many of myself as a baby screaming my eyes out. At least you still capture the memory! Life isn’t picture perfect so to document reality is so much more real. She was so right. Whilst this isn’t one of those crying ones your eyes were red raw from screaming beforehand thinking I was leaving you at nursery instead of just stopping in for a photo and you are just about to get up and run for the door. Boy was my momma right, it’s the real memories you want to keep. I love that you both have a mind of your own. So I will continue to document the real memories and not the picture perfect memories we think we want because real memories are the best!

* I have permission to share these photos for the use of my blog. Photos by S&J Walkden Photography. I have bought the right to use for personal use. 

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  1. Oh those are such lovely photos! I love the Christmassy backdrop too – and do you know it’s quite reassuring in some ways to know that even the pros can’t always get our determined little girls to smile if they don’t want to!!


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