My new favorite summer accessories

Last updated on July 7th, 2020 at 08:51 pm

my favorite new summer accessories fashion Next Clothing

Earrings, bags, wedges, OH MY! It’s trending across magazines and online shops right into my own wardrobe. While I have always been a shoe girl, I only recently got into the accessories this spring/summer. I think I was drawn to them because at 37 weeks pregnant, I didn’t want to spend any more money on bigger clothes that I wouldn’t be wearing soon and accessories seemed the next best investment for my wardrobe. I had itchy feet to buy something that made me feel pretty. Let’s face it we all feel better when we make the effort and have a little bling to sparkle on us as well.

The first new accessory I am in love with is beaded, dangling earrings. I have big hair and I wear it down so small earrings I never bothered with as you can’t see them. I don’t know why I haven’t gone for the chunky earrings like I do the chunky necklaces. Probably because having both would be too much. I find it hard not to have no necklace on for some reason, I almost feel naked. As soon as I tried the chunky chandelier type earrings though it helps draw the attention away from no necklace and sticks out in my hair so it was a good win. One accessory I should have tried ages ago.

my favorite new summer accessories fashion Next Clothing

The next summer accessory I have been lusting over is circle bags and straw bags. Or even better a circle straw bag. I already have a stock pile of various ones for summer this year. They can fit so much in them which surprised me and is the perfect summer look. The straw bag goes with any outfit both casual and dressy depending on how you wear it. I wore this one with black leather handles and straps with a hot pink dress and white cardy so the focus was on the bag.

my favorite new summer accessories fashion Next Clothing

My third and final new obsession for summer accessories this year are wedges. I love a good shoe wedge. I am short and love the height without compromising on the balance. Perfect when you are pregnant too. You can get so many different patterns and styles now. It used to be just brown or black with straw bottoms or solid brown and black leather sandal wedges.

Now, they have straps that are different color than the soles and sparkly toes etc. I love that mix-match look. It also makes it more easy to wear them with more outfits. Bonus. I got these glitter silver toed wedges to pair with all my summer dresses and wear them for casual beach days to christening celebrations. They are the most comfortable wedges ever.

It’s not a new favorite but I do love a watch, bracelet layered combination on my wrists. With a gold, silver, rose gold watch I can pair it with any of my bracelets both chunky and dainty. I quite like the chunky and the dainty together too.

my favorite new summer accessories fashion Next Clothing

my favorite new summer accessories fashion Next Clothing

my favorite new summer accessories fashion Next Clothing my favorite new summer accessories fashion Next Clothing

What are your favorite summer accessories? Are you big into just one style? Maybe just bags are your thing, perhaps earrings have been a long obsession, what makes you feel pretty? I would love to know, comment below.

Don’t forget you can click below and shop this look too. Excuse the pregnancy flats in some photos a girl can only walk so far on a beach in wedges safely for so long. But if you like my leopard print flats they are from Dune¬†and white cardigan is from Warehouse.


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