Love the little things #1

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I am linking up with Butwhymummywhy to join her ever so fabulous “love the little things” linky each Friday. I love the idea of looking back and reflecting on what I have done this week.

Love the little things #1


This week I have started a new book, part of my new years resolutions to read more. It’s called “Y” by Marjorie Celona. It was an impulse by at Tesco for £2 and I didn’t have time to go anywhere else to buy a book but I was desperate to start one. I am only a quarter way through it but it’s fairly good.  I am trying to compile a list of books to read for 2014, so if you have any suggestions please comment below!!!


Also this week we are reading, “Whoosh and Chug!” by Sebastien Braun. It’s about a titchy train on a mighty mission, or so it says. Buba loves if I make “choo, choo” noises after every page.


I have to agree with Butwhymummywhy, Grey’s Anatomy was FANTASTIC this week, with it’s premiere episode. Will Chief die or won’t he? Will Callie and Arizona stay together? Oh the drama!!!!! I also have to shout out that it was Revenge’s premiere episode this week too. One that I have sweet indulgences for, and secretly so does Mr. P. lol


My usual mascara while on vacation became a pile of goo in the heat. Left by me, in the sun for too long. Oops. When I went to replace it this week I thought I would branch out and try something new. I am very particular on mascara because my eyes get itchy easily if the brush is made of certain materials. I know, pain in the ass. (ahem) I settled for Lancome’s Virtuose curl mascara. I am in love. I have been using my old brand for so many years but this one has taken it’s place for sure. The brush is light, curved perfect for smaller eyes like mine, and the mascara easily layers over itself for a night out dramatic look, or just a few strokes for a casual day look.


I am a HUGE country music fan, born and raised in American in a small town, it was bound to happen. Even though I have moved to the UK where there is no country music, my heart is still in the country music. This week I have came across Lady Antebellum’s song Compass that came out in November on their album Golden. I love it. So I am bringing a little country music to the UK each week. Watch this space!


I have been making trays and trays of baby food for Missy Moo. I am no chef, but I like to pretend to be. I made this lovely chicken casserole for the whole family. It was perfect to blend for Missy Moo, smash for Buba, and eat with garlic bread for us. Tastes better than it looks, with carrots, parsnips, potatoes, chicken, onions, and garlic!!! Win, win.


and lastly…

I am very honored that the lovely Victoria Welton at has listed one of my poems and a link to my blog on the BritMums Poetry and Prose page for Literature Roundups. Check it out! Thank you again Vic.

Enjoyed sharing my “love the little things” with you all this week. Thanks Butwhymummywhy for the awesome linky! Until next week… don’t forget to love the little things!!!!

13 thoughts on “Love the little things #1”

  1. I really don’t know what’s going to happen in Greys. If the chief does die I will be going through a lot of tissues, but hey it’s Greys it ALWAYS makes me cry anyway!
    Revenge was also good and I’m looking forward to see where they are going to take it this season.
    Thanks for linking up! (see you tonight! xx)

    • Yes I am definitely looking forward to tonight! lol and our bloggy meet up…. and Noo’s bday hahaha Both shows are amazing. Grey’s always a tear jerker for sure.

  2. I really have to get me some Grey’s Anatomy, I’m still looking for something to replace Breaking Bad.

    I have grown to have a real love of Country music in the last few years – ever since I took a bunch of media to see Dolly Parton a few years back. Not sure if you know, but there’s a great radio show on BBC Radio 2 (bit of a guilty pleasure for me in the car, where I can’t get Radio 6!) called Bob Harris Country, it’s on every Thursday at 7pm. Brilliant stuff! #LittleLove

    • Thanks Luci, that’s great I will have to check that out. Country music is the BEST. Yes get out and get yourself Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning to end its fabulous!!!! I am totally obsessed.

  3. Oh no, maybe I shouldn’t have read this. I’ve only just gotten into Grey’s and am currently on season 5!

    I love Lady Antebellum too, I’m a closet country music fan as, like you say, it isn’t really a form of music we do in the UK.

    Lovely post though, sounds like a great rounded week 🙂

    • Well keep an eye here because there will be lots of music and lots of greys talk. Sorry if I ruined it though ! Greys is a great show! If u like it the writer also does a show called Scandal which is equally great!!!

    • It’s a great linky!!! So hope to see you there! Thanks for stopping by and commenting too. Hopefully I will be starting my own linky soon so watch this space!!

    • Definitely link up. Buthwhymummywhy is a fab blog too, her “love the little things” is so inspiring to read. Oh you have to get into Greys. I think though it’s one of those you need to start from the beginning and grow with the characters through it all. lol Also, watch when you have a glass of wine and no kiddies screaming in the background. Every episode is packed full of drama, love, and twisted tales. Can you tell I love it? hahaha Another great show that the same writers wrote is Scandal!


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