{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #5

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:26 pm

There comes a time when you hit the stage of excuses for not wanting to go to bed. We have been so lucky with both our kids that they go to sleep without rocking, attention and stay asleep until morning. In recent days, Buba has been showing signs of resistance, shouting out various liners to get us to stall turning the lights off and saying good night!

Here are this week’s tactics:

– I thirsty, Mommy

– I not tired.

– I too tired to go night-night.

– Cuddles?

– I need you. (Borrowed from S’s experiences)

– I need “agua” (sure now he uses the spanish I am teaching him.)

– I give Missy Moo a kiss? I give Mommy a kiss? I give Daddy a kiss? (whomever isn’t present he pleas to go kiss them, one more time.)

and my all time favorite came the other day…

Me: “Good night Buba, I love you.”

Buba: “But I got a snotty nose, Mommy!”

Me: “Go to sleep, Buba.”

Buba: “But I got a snotty nose.” continued to repeat as I shut the door and went downstairs. Through the monitor he pleaded, “I got a snotty nose, please, Mommy!” I couldn’t help but chuckle.

I wonder where kids get these random one liners. They are more clever than we give them credit for that’s for sure. Buba’s speech is getting really good, his caveman talk is becoming full sentences with each passing day. It amazing me how fast language can come together.

We had this bizarre conversation yesterday.

Me: “Did you do a poo?” (we are trying to get him to recognize and tell us…not working, he is in complete denial).

Buba: “I not done poo.” shaking his head.

Me: “Are you sure?” (as I take off his pants and open his diaper).

Buba: “What happened here?” (no joke, as he looks down at his dirty diaper).

Me: “You poo-pooed that’s what happened. You need to tell Mommy if you need a poo.”

Buba: “oooooh-dear!” (if you haven’t seen my son’s exaggerated oh-dear click here).

I love that Buba is learning his manners, and how to encourage not only himself but other people too. We have tried while teaching him his numbers and letters to really encourage him for a job well done. So he is bound to start doing it himself.  Numerous times while Mr. P. was going over his numbers and he had forgotten, Mr. P. would tell him, “that’s the number 5”. Buba would reply, “Good job Daddy”, for a job well done. We laughed about it but we are proud he was learning to be encouraging. Buba now takes it that step further. He will ask me to do something, “Mommy, do it” and when I have completed said favor he always says, “there you go, Mommy.” Clearly I finally got it how he wanted me too! Although sometimes it takes awhile for me to guess what my 2 year old wants me to do. HURRAH FOR MOMMY!


Does your little one say funny words, one liners, and do you recall a funny conversation that came out of nowhere, comment below. I would love to hear them!


28 thoughts on “{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #5”

  1. It’s so true our little ones take in so much vocabulary than we think. My little one responds to my “of course you can phrase” when he’s been given permission to something he’s asked if he can do with “your too kind”. Not something I’ve ever used myself but I’m not one to discourage manors. Love it x

    • Thank u. I only wish I could get more videos of him and his funny sayings. He hates the camera. As soon as it’s out he stops talking. Shame cause his one liners are getting great. Thanks for commenting and stopping by.

    • Only wish I was fluent so he would be completely fluent. We are learning together and the smart little man is catching up with his old mama and her spanish knowledge levels. hahahaha

  2. It’s times like these that I wish I had blogged from when my son was first born, or at least kept a diary of all the funny things he said.

    Kids are just fab xx

    • I know what you mean, I am a new blogger and when I read all the pregnancy diaries or see all the photos and journalling from it I wish I had started way sooner and captured all those moments.

    • That’s hilarious. We have cameras in both our kids room so we can see them and has now figured out where the camera is and gives us a big wave. GG and blackmail, aren’t they clever.

  3. Your son sounds very cute! I think witnessing kids learning to talk is one of the best parts of parenthood! #funee

  4. Oh bless him. We’ve just gotten Lucas out of the avoiding/making any excuse to not go to bed. We ‘ve had some corkers too….. #funee

    • Too funny. I do think they all go through a little stage where they think they become smarter than Mommy and Daddy and see what works and what doesn’t. I am constantly entertained by it all.

    • That’s too cute. He is really starting to realize there is a monitor watching him too. Gives us a wave every now and then. lol Kids are so entertaining.

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