Thanksgiving “Autumn” Tablescape

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A table decorated for Thanksgiving with fake leaves, orange and white pumpkins and a large wicker pumpkin alongside plates and cutlery

We have just celebrated Thanksgiving or what we call “Friendsgiving” this year! It was such a lovely day sharing our family traditions with our closest friends and their lovely children. In true, LTM fashion I had to create a lovely but simple tablescape to go along with our celebrations. It’s a tradition as well and I couldn’t help but want to share it with all of you too. You can see last year’s Thanksgiving Tablescape here for more inspiration if you are planning your own holiday celebration table setting. They are so much fun to do each year, finding little decorations that don’t break the bank but add that special touch. 

Simple Thanksgiving Table Tablescape

I didn’t spend much or look far to do this simple tablescape. I wanted it to feel welcoming and cozy but children friendly as we had four children under five attending our feast this year. We even made a mini table for our five year olds that want to think they are cool teenagers already. They felt extra special having their own table to sit at separate from the little ones of the family and adults. You can see their happy, cheeky faces too on my video below. Please do come check out our Friendsgiving celebrations and a thumbs up if you could too!


Shop The Thanksgiving Decorations Look

Bag of Autumn leaves from Amazon

Placemates, Table Cloth and Glasses from Dunelm Mill. 

Utensils and Plates from Next  (already had).

Real mini pumpkins from Sainsburys and painted them white.

Fake orange mini pumpkins from Amazon.

White mini candles from Sainsburys.

Wood Wicker Pumpkin from Homesense (only £5).

A Thanksgiving tablescape with white and orange pumpkins, fake leaves, crockery and cutlery.
A painted white pumpkin on a table with fake leaves table settings

Autumn Table Decorations

It didn’t take me long to whip this tablescape together and buying a few bits the week before to get it started. It’s about making the table feel festive and happy and I definitely felt that when I did this year’s Thanksgiving tablescape.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t celebrate thanksgiving though. This table decor would work for Autumn and Halloween for sure too. You can use it on any occasion and turn a simple dinner into an event with gorgeous autumnal table decor.

Painting Pumpkins

I was really impressed with how easy it was to paint mini pumpkins white. They are still not rotten as a week after painting them where they would have otherwise had to be thrown away by now. I haven’t never painted a pumpkin but having seen all the white pumpkins in America this past year for Halloween, I thought why not give it a try since we can buy white pumpkins in the UK! Plan worked like a dream, I love when that happens. 

I fell in love with this five pound wicker pumpkin too. It went nicely for the Autumn/Fall feeling and the woven placemats I picked out too. As far as Thanksgiving centerpieces go I think it’s quite fitting! I also felt last year’s table, if you check out the link above, was a little too formal for our “friendsgiving” tablescape this year. I am really pleased with how it turned out. With the candles lit while we were having dessert felt so festive. 

A Thanksgiving table setting with white pumpkins, fake orange pumpkins, fake leaves and candles
A Thanksgiving tablescape with pumpkins and leaves
A large wicker pumpkin set on a table as part of Thanksgiving decorations

How do you decorate your table for the holidays. Do you like planning your tablescapes for a special occasion? What about Christmas? Do you go fancy on the table or casual? I would love to know. I can’t wait to share with you my Winter Christmas Tablescape I have coming in the next week or so for our table this year. It’s all very exciting. 

Celebration Tablescapes

I love making the most of a celebration and setting a beautiful tablescape for the family to enjoy. How about taking inspiration from one of these:

Thanksgiving Pinecone Tablescape
Gold And Silver Christmas Tablescape
Christmas “Winter” Tablescape
White And Grey Christmas Tablescape
Easter Tablescape
4th July Tablescape
Simple Breakfast Tablescape

Thanksgiving table decorations, including a large wicker pumpkin and smaller fake pumpkins and leaves, set for a festive meal.

Come see our Thanksgiving “Friendsgiving” Celebrations below!

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving “Autumn” Tablescape”

  1. This is gorgeous Jenny. What paint did you use for your white pumpkins? I don’t create anything as spectacular as you, but Rosalie and I decorated pine cones and a munchkin pumpkin with glitter glue and made an autumn centre piece with candles for October. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your winter tablescape for some inspiration xxx

    • That sounds spectacular to me and so fun for Rosalie to join in too for some craft time with momma. Those are the best memories to recall. I just used a standard mini jar of white paint from B&Q nothing special. I didn’t even know if the pumpkins would than rot under it after they dried but it actually has kept them from rotting they are still so fresh and hard. I will be doing a little fun tutorial next year as it worked I have some better ideas now.


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