My Easy Day to Night Makeup Look for the Festive Season

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The festive season is upon us now and with it comes celebrations, parties, dinners, and many reasons to get dressed up and feel beautiful. I am sure you are just as busy as I am during the festive period getting Christmas presents bought and decorating your house along with all the other one thousand “to do’s” on your list. This isn’t including work and mum/mom duties either. We are busy ladies aren’t we? But that shouldn’t stop us from pampering ourselves with a little something here and there either.

I know when I have a dinner party to go to or a Christmas event, it’s a rush to get ready. Gone our the days that I could put the radio on and take my time applying various makeup styles. I am usually still putting the kids to bed while throwing my dress on and turning my day makeup look into my night makeup look with just a few additions. I like to still look natural as possible. I find if I wear too much make up I actually don’t feel as good about the way I look. I have always gone for a more natural look having only tried lipsticks only last year, a few times. I like to stay in my comfort zone and what I think enhances my features for a night out.

For my simple day to evening makeup challenge, I am using Boots Natural Collection where nothing is more than £1.99. A bargain and beautiful, I love it.


Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser

Natural Collection Lash Length Mascara

Natural Collection Cover Up Stick (concealer)

Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks

Natural Collection Solo Eyeshadow

Natural Collection Pressed Powder

My Easy Day to Night Makeup Look for the festive season with Boots Natural Collection £1.99 eachMy Easy Day to Night Makeup Look for the festive season with Boots Natural Collection £1.99 each

My natural day makeup usually includes tinted moisturiser, concealer, mascara, a gold or pink shadow and possibly a blush, if I feel I am looking too pale in winter. It doesn’t take me long to get ready for the day. I have always thought you only need a little makeup to go a long way and enhance the features we already have on show. For me, I get pale in the winter and if I don’t wear tinted moisturiser or foundation many ask me if I am ill. True fact! Somedays I just wear tinted moisturiser and mascara and nothing else.

For this day look, I stuck to natural tones and light colors. The list above looks like a lot but I use little of each during the day. Along with this simple and easy day makeup look, I add chapstick to gloss the lips. I don’t have time every morning as a mother and working to apply layers upon layers to my face. It’s enough that I brush my teeth and hair and throw on some mascara and coverup. But come the festive season, I like to treat myself and take long lunches to the Christmas Markets and meet up with friends during the day if I can. So my day look here is perfect for a festive day out beyond work and mum/mom duties.

You can see the tinted moisturiser smoothed out my overall skin complexion. The gold shimmer hinted on my eyelids. I showed a closed eye photo above because I have deep eyelids so you tend not to see too much of the color that’s on them when I smile. Mascara is all I need to outline my eyes, I leave the eyeliner for the parties. If I have clear lipgloss I might treat myself but usually it’s lotion or chapstick for my lips during the day. I was impressed with how long the makeup stayed on and how smooth if felt on my face. Especially for the price, at £1.99 you feel a little skeptical and have to feel it to believe it. My Easy Day to Night Makeup Look for the festive season with Boots Natural Collection £1.99 each

My Easy Day to Night Makeup Look for the festive season with Boots Natural Collection £1.99 each Natural Collection Brow Kit

Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick

Natural Collection Highlighter Stick

Natural Collection Pressed Powder

Natural Collection Eyeliner (available in stores only)

My Easy Day to Night Makeup Look for the festive season with Boots Natural Collection £1.99 eachMy Easy Day to Night Makeup Look for the festive season with Boots Natural Collection £1.99 each

So what have I done differently for my natural party-ready night look? You guessed it, I just added a few additions to my day look and freshened up with what I already was wearing. My trick of getting ready quickly for a night out this Christmas is all about adding to what you are already wearing. You don’t have to spend a fortune on more makeup to create a night look, just get clever with layering it so it stands out more.

During the day I wear one layer of mascara but for a evening celebration I add another layer (or two) to bulk my lashes up along with eyeliner for evening. I add a stronger layer of blush to the cheeks with a bronze highlighter for those cheekbones. I wear the same gold or pink eyeshadow from my day look on my eyelids but add a darker shadow in the crease just to give it more definition and make my eyes pop a little more. Something I have really loved doing for a quick day to night makeup turn around is using my brow kit to enhance my pale blonde eyebrows. You wouldn’t believe what a difference just doing this will make. It helps shape them too which always is a bonus. Powder my nose, and I am ready to step out the door and party.

My Easy Day to Night Makeup Look for the festive season with Boots Natural Collection £1.99 each

As you can see it’s super easy to create a natural day time look and turn it quickly into a night look for all you busy ladies out there this festive season. Makeup shouldn’t take up a lot of time nor should it take up a lot of money.

Let’s get festive  and feel natural beautiful this season without breaking the bank. Have you heard or tired Boot’s Natural Collection? What did you think?

“I’m working with Boots and BritMums in a paid relationship, showcasing the Natural Collection makeup, the simple, affordable and easy-to-use line. Find out more at


16 thoughts on “My Easy Day to Night Makeup Look for the Festive Season”

  1. Your daytime and evening make-up looks both give you a natural look that enhances your features – really pretty, and I can’t believe that everything is just £1.99! I will be looking at Natural Collection next time I’m in Boots!

    • Thanks Nadine, so sweet of you. I was impressed with the price no doubt about that. Now in love with liquid eyeliner that I probably never would have branched out to try too. As well as the bronze highlighter perfect for the festive season.

    • Thanks Heledd. I was so surprised too at the price and quality. I won’t boast about something that I wasn’t really impressed with. I have literally worn this day look all week last week and use this everyday now. It was nice to try something new without breaking the bank.

    • Ahhh thank you so much Katy so sweet of you. I was so impressed with the smoothness of the Natural Collection and at that price we can all try a thing or two out without breaking the bank. 🙂

    • The eyeshadow was fab it’s the barley color and the lipstick was the Rose Bud one subtle but lovely hint of pink. I was so impressed with price and quality so glad I got the chance to try something new. It’s not often I branch out of my own makeup that I normally use.

    • I know me too, I was so impressed with the price and quality. Looking forward to trying some more of it. I don’t often branch out of my usual brand of makeup so it felt good to try something completely new.


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