The Siblings Project {November 2017}

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Where has 2017 gone? We are hitting the end of November and soon it will be Christmas. I feel like we missed a few months somewhere this year and it’s blurred all together. I can’t even begin to think about 2018 that should have been miles off but it’s not. November host another holiday for us as Americans too, Thanksgiving. We can’t wait to celebrate a feast with the family soon. Thanksgiving is one of the hardest holidays to be away from home for me. Mostly because I am living in a country that doesn’t celebrate it. My kids will always be in school during the day which also feels weird. I would rather than cooking and baking up a storm in the kitchen with me like I used to do with my mom or the boys playing football outside waiting for the big game to start on tv. American football always goes hand in hand with Thanksgiving back home too. It always seems weird to only have the four of us eating a feast I work on all week. I don’t think I have ever had less than 20/30 people at our Thanksgiving dinners back home whether it was at my brother’s house, my parents house or my aunt and uncle’s house. Extended family and friends always gathered in large numbers to share this special holiday together. 

These are at that age where they understand a lot about being a multicultural family. They love their English holidays like bonfire night as much as their American holidays like 4th of July and Thanksgiving. How lucky are they to have so many holidays in their life to celebrate! They seem really excited for Thanksgiving. 

Another thing they are understanding so well now is the concept of having another baby. We were so excited to share our baby news with them a few weeks back. I never got that rush of emotion when I told B he was going to be a big brother as he was 1 years old. But having two older kids now and telling them both has been so special. They talk to my bump on a daily basis whether I am ready for it or not. They have been known to run into my bedroom and flip the covers off to say good morning to bump before my eyes have even opened. Not the most exciting way to wake up on a Sunday. But I love listening to them talk about having a baby sibling in the house. How great of a big brother or sister they will be for baby. They really have embraced it so well especially MM. I truly think she was made to be a middle child. She has wanted a little brother or sister for years. I know she will dote on baby from the moment it arrives. There will be no jealousy there. 

We have had a busy start to the month. If that’s even possible after so much Halloween, pumpkin patch and carving celebrates from last month. It’s a good thing January is quiet, we need it to recharge. The kids have loved getting outdoors when they can and go for winter beach walks. We are lucky to live near Lytham St. Anne’s pier and beach and it’s always nicer weather there than at our house. 

The Siblings Project November 2017

The Siblings Project November 2017


Having a new baby sibling.

Talking to Mommy’s bump.

Winter beach walks.

Doing their homework together.

Both getting swimming badges this week.

Being invited to the same birthday parties at school now.

Deciding on who’s bedroom baby will share with.

Collecting rocks together. 

Getting a new playroom!


The Siblings Project November 2017

The Siblings Project November 2017

While I am full of a cold the kids have fought it off as best they could which is a relief. They are still loving playing out in our new garden. It was the best decision we ever made saving up and doing it properly. It’s like having a playroom outdoors. I will never have real grass again as long as we live around these swampy parts. Fake grass has been amazing in winter. I know it will be a blessing for baby to crawl around it too come Spring time. 

My two little darlings are not little anymore. I know the moment I hold this baby that it will age them even quicker and they will seem babies no more. I remember thinking how big B looked when I had MM and he wasn’t even two years old yet so I can’t imagine what a newborn next to a 4 and 6 year old will look like. I am nervous for such an age gap would have loved only two years between this one and MM but life has a way of working out. I am sure these two will be the best helpers and the best big siblings too. B is an excellent example to MM on how to be a great big sibling already. 

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  1. I love these pictures of your two – what a gorgeous spot to go for a blast of fresh air. And how exciting to watch 2 become 3 – it sounds like the kids are counting the days!!

  2. Oh it’s so exciting and they will be a great age for the baby. I’m sure MM will help out loads. Really looking forward to your siblings posts next year 🙂 our large age gap is the opposite to yours so it will be nice to see the difference

  3. What gorgeous pictures! I love MMs yellow hat & wellies, how cool! It’s great that the kids have so many holidays to celebrate both from America and over here. And how adorable that they’re talking to bump! xx


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