Letters to him & her ~ #8

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:18 am

Letters to my children living arrows project


Buba, you are the best big brother I always wanted you to be to Missy Moo. When she needed you most you were right beside her this week when she was in the hospital. You rubbed her back, kissed her forehead and told her it will be ok. You were good for Mommy and Daddy when we needed you to be, waiting so patiently in the waiting room for hours. We were so proud of you. You really are growing up too fast. When I look back on this week, even with the few hiccups of attitude we have had you are passing the toddler phase and almost four now. Soon you will be starting school and everything will be a whirlwind thereafter. Your favorite thing to do at the moment next to playing with your cars is reading about cars. You crawl up in the rocking chair of your sister’s room while she builds legos at your feet and you read your Lighting McQueen books over and over. I sit back and watch you, wondering how you got so big, and how much you will change this year. 
Letters to my children living arrow


Missy Moo, you have become that child that climbs, that child that jumps and runs around with no fear. You gave Mommy a fright this week banging your head on the tv unit and catching one of the drawer handles on your eye, splitting it wild open. A long night in the hospital and you are back running around without a care in the world, like nothing ever happened. But now I am paranoid of your tomboy ways? Will there but more hospital visits? More bumps and scrapes? As your mother I want to bubble wrap you until your 18. Can I do that? Am I allowed? It would save me so much heartache. As I laid in bed last night thinking about my worries I realized you have only just become… ME! I was the one sitting in my own mother’s lap with my head bleeding and have stitches to prove just how alike we are. I was the climbing, rough and tumbling one. My mother calls it pay back for all the fright I gave her. So I will embrace your inner adventurous side with cautious and know these are good traits to have as you get older. In the meantime, please be more careful little girl. You are still my baby. 

30 thoughts on “Letters to him & her ~ #8”

  1. I love how you write them a little note each time. I think I need to start doing something a bit like this for G. I send him emails to an account I have set up. Gorgeous captures as ever Jenny. Not sure if I mentioned but I loved your little video of your trip to the beach x #livingarrows

    • Oh what a lovely idea. I love that too. Thanks for watching my video to the beach. I just want to capture videos for them when they are older. My mom never had any of us or photos and I wish I could peak into my childhood sometimes.

    • Ya I was lucky and took these the day before she cut her eye so hoping it will heal fast. It’s scabby and bruised but she doesn’t give any notice. Kids are tough. Thanks hunny.

  2. Aww Buba sounds like the best big brother to his over adventurous little sister! And I love that your mum thinks it’s your childhood come around again – I suspect Elma of reliving H’s childhood; there’s a reason why he’s so good at patching up bumps and bruises!

  3. What a lovely post! My youngest was always accident prone and loved to jump off things as a toddler, and even had to be sawn out of an old children’s wooden chair he had slipped through and trapped his chubby leg in once!
    He also tried to jump out of a window once, it’s a wonder he has made it to 9 with just one tiny scar on his cheek to show for it really. Luckily he does seem to have grown out of his clumsy ways…until the next growth spurt anyway.
    Stevie x

    • Oh dear bless you. Sounds just like MM. I hope she grows out of it. Haha and makes it to nine. Although it’s usually Buba rushing to hospital so it’s a change to be his sister. That’s life though isn’t it. Bumps scrapes and all.

  4. What an amazing big brother Buba is!! I bet that made your heart melt a little too! The frights from the bumps are horrible, but the lovely moments outweigh all that fear!

  5. Oh dear Missy Moo – so glad that you are ok, sounds like you gave everyone a fright. My little girl is exactly the same. She’s only 15 months and still the size of a 3 month old but she knows no fear. It’s scary when she just catapults herself off our bed. The little monkey. I also was the same as you, it’s nice to know that there’s a little of us inside them isn’t it? Sounds like Buba was excellent and everything that you needed him to be. Hope you’re having a nice relax now on your girlie weekend – sounds like it came at just the right time #livingarrows


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