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Last updated on April 16th, 2024 at 10:27 am

You don’t have to be huge into beauty to find excitement in new makeup. I am no beauty blogger but I am female and I would like to look my best. I don’t splurge on makeup often, in fact I have only been wearing it a few years now so my supplies are limited as is my knowledge. Maybe it’s my ageing that I think I have more to cover up? Either way, I have been branching out where I buy my makeup. I will admit I have long been a lover of MAC who isn’t? My skin can be sensitive so I stick with the little I do know and I know MAC. Up until recently…
My Beauty Haul Marks & Spencers Makeup Haul Shopping I love the shop Marks & Spencers (NO THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST), I love their clothes, their kids clothes and especially their home decor but I have never bought makeup or beauty products from them. I had a gift card from Christmas to spend and while I am on my mission to get fit I don’t want to buy summer clothes just yet so I decided to scope out the beauty counters of M&S to see if there was anything I could spoil myself with. Boy howdy, did I ever! I have my summer makeup wishlist all purchased and ready in my summer bag for sunny days out and special occasions this summer.

I never expected to find two new favorite perfumes and in perfect travel size bottles at such a cheap price. I was surprised too that after hours of putting it on I still could smell it which I often can’t with my high dollar brands.

I have not be able to wear lipstick for years. I suffer from extreme dry lips and if I even use chapstick or vaseline my lips break out in blisters. That being said I have always wanted to try a coral lipstick for those special occasions. I purchased M&S coral lipstick. I often will still wear it on a night out or special occasion and then just come home and wash it off. This I think will be great for summer time with a tan.

I love a good palette of eyeshadows. This one I purchased literally had every color I would ever wear. I have often bought palettes of eyeshadows where I use two or three and the other colors stay untouched. I know this one will be great all year round as you have your winter and summer tones in it.

My Beauty Haul Marks & Spencers Makeup Haul Shopping

The hand cream was a must buy for my summer beach bag. It smells delicious and perfect travel size again. You need good creams in the summer when the sun is baking your skin.

For me, I have never used a tinted moisturizer or concealer but as I get older those dark circles are forming. Last summer I noticed my normal foundation was just too heavy for my skin when I was tan and sitting in the sun every day in America. So I thought a tinted moisturizer would be perfect to try out this year when we return to the states for the summer. The concealer I couldn’t wait to use and I will never NOT use one again. It really helps with my dark circles and the M&S one I purchased was so smooth, and perfect match to my skin.

This boden bag was in one my goody bags from a conference I went to last year and it’s the perfect beach bag. We have already used it for our trip to Formby last weekend. The kids snacks fit in, along with diapers and wipes and even my camera’s tripod. It was brilliant. I love a good beach bag.

What’s in your summer makeup bag? Do you have a favorite brand? Would love to hear what you have tried out and how your makeup differs from winter to summer. 

My Beauty Haul Marks & Spencers Makeup Haul Shopping

This is NOT a sponsored post, just some beauty products that I have fallen in love with and wanted to share with you.

10 thoughts on “My beauty haul”

  1. I am so clueless when it comes to all things beauty!! I just about slap on some powder, blush and mascara each morning!! M&S are just great for everything aren’t they?! Looks like you’ve picked up some great wee bits. I love Isis perfume

  2. I’ve used M&S shower gels before but I’ve never thought to try their make up (I have slightly sensitive skin so I’m always a bit wary of changing brands). I think I’ve got an M&S gift card in my purse so you’ve tempted me to go and see what I can find. Thank you x

  3. I have just found your blog and this post, I’m currently on the lookout for new make up as age is starting to get the better of me and my eyes are starting to look a little heavy. I’ll be heading to M&S to check it all out. Great read xx


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