Pregnancy: 27 Weeks Bump Watch

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 10:12 pm

Pregnancy 27 Weeks Bump Watch pregnant diaries

We are back from Florida now. Bump soaked up the sun as much as I did while we were away. I feel so much better for it too. It’s amazing how much just a little warm sunshine by a pool can recharge your batteries. With holiday came holiday eating and I can’t decide if my bump grew this week more than most weeks from baby or Disney food or both. It’s back to a routine of exercise and eating healthy until baby’s arrival.

As you read this, I am actually almost 28 weeks which means only 12 weeks and a bit until baby’s due date. We still have no name and it’s getting crunch time. I am getting frustrated as much as hubby about what to call him. We also have the added mix of schedule our meetings at the U.S. Embassy for baby’s passports (USA + UK) and sorting out our American summer flights out before baby is even here. It feels weird to buy a plane ticket for him before he is born with no name or no passport yet. It will be cutting it all too close when he does finally arrive before we are off for the summer. I can’t wait though for lazy newborn summer days at my parents house next to the pool and river.

I can’t believe I am now in my third trimester and we have been so busy lately even after Christmas when I thought things would slow down a bit. So I am making sure not to plan much in March. My baby shower in April is exciting to look forward to but March is going to be the month I relax and do nothing. Didn’t I say that about last month? Well, someone please make sure I do nothing next month for a whole month of rest and relaxing as I don’t think I will be getting it once baby arrives.

Pregnancy 27 Weeks Bump Watch pregnant diaries


875 GRAMS.


This week the number one question everyone is asking me: Wow, you popped…WHEN ARE YOU DUE AGAIN? 

I know it’s not easy keeping track of other’s pregnancy weeks or due dates. I am the same when I see friends pregnant always asking when they are due or how many weeks. The thing I have been getting this week though, is more like “WOW you popped” or “Gosh that belly is really out there now” then followed by, “When are you due again?” like it should be any day instead of the not so distant middle of May. Yes, little man seems to have grown a lot these past two weeks. I say a healthy mama is a healthy baby. Who cares how far your belly did or didn’t stick out. It’s like so many like to compare their own experiences too. I was never that big, or I was that big at 12 weeks. It doesn’t matter.


Then I get the opposite comments that are even more frustrating. “You look a lot smaller in your face in person than you do in photos.” Don’t people know the camera adds weight or photos maybe just be caught at the wrong angle. But it’s pretty close to saying, you look fatter in photos. I will admit last month’s Me & Mine photos, I did look puffier, I was ill, it was bad angle and the wrong outfit to wear. But I don’t need it pointed out that my face looks fatter online than in real life. hahaha Who cares if my face bloats in a few months, hopefully that will be gone. Why comment on the temporary things?

We have just been to Florida, what a vacation but that’s for another post entirely. It was exhausting all the walking and rides did send me a bit funny but I kept up despite being in my third trimester. The walking did me good. I even came home 4 lbs lighter which after Mickey Mouse ice creams and pretzels I didn’t think would be possible. Just shows you how much you actually walk in Disney World. I am feeling the jetlag harder than I normally do coming back. It’s been a few days and I am still wanting to fall asleep at 5 or 6pm. Oops. Not sure if that’s the extra tiredness you get at the end of pregnancy added in there too.

Baby boy is still kicking nonstop now. Night and day, he seems to always be moving around. I hope that’s not a foreshadowing of him being up all the time when he comes out. We see elbows and feet going across my belly while I sit on the sofa at night. The belly takes on odd forms when he rolls around in it.


I got hooked on Mickey Mouse pretzels with cream cheese on our trip. I still am craving one as we speak. So warm, soft and chewy and the perfect combo for a midday snap. I love the sea salt on top. Not the healthiest snack, in the slightest but I was on holiday. Now, I just need to get back in the gym and back to smoothies for the next few weeks to make up for my treats. The dark chocolate Mickey Mouse ice creams were especially good too.

Ice coffee or blended coffees were another craving while we were away. With the heat being so hot it was the best refreshing drink. It’s not often I get them in the UK with it being cold but it almost makes me think of summer.


I am finally getting to the buy stage and sorting out the hospital bag just in case. With having my daughter a month early, I just want to know everything is in order. It also gives me more peace of mind when things are all organized and done so I can chill out the rest of my pregnancy. I got most of the big items but it’s the little essentials I need to buy now.


8 thoughts on “Pregnancy: 27 Weeks Bump Watch”

  1. I can’t believe you actually lost weight, whilst pregnant in Florida! That’s insane.
    You absolutely do need to slow down. I know you know and I know I keep saying it. But relax please x

    • That’s literally how much you are walking!!!! I was warned it’s a lot but it’s more than that hahaha. You will just have to come over for more coffees so I do relax more. Only 12 weeks to go to keep telling me to relax it might happen towards the end. hahaha

  2. Ah I’m so jealous you’ve been in Florida! What a lovely holiday though! I still need to start getting bits for my home birth / hospital bag eeek x

    • Glad you had a great time in Florida, I can only imagine how exhausting it was! I was shattered doing Disneyland Paris all day when I wasn’t pregnant! Make sure you take some time to relax in March! Good luck with deciding on the name, it’s so so tough when you can’t agree! x #bumpsbabies

      • Oh Disneyland Paris sounds lovely too. Never been. It was exhausting but worth every ache and pain in my feet. hahaha Next time better shoes for me. 🙂 I am looking forward to a relaxing March indeed lovely thank you. Names are still out 🙁

  3. Those cream cheese pretzels are to die for! If I didn’t have gestational diabetes, I would have had them constantly! Hope you get to nest and pack your bag and rest up!

    • Oh they are I still can’t stop thinking about them. YUMMY. Oh no, I have heard a lot of pregnant women getting this. Nesting and rest is coming up in March. hahaha


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