Pregnancy: 20 Weeks Bump Watch

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 10:12 pm

20 Weeks Pregnant Pregnancy Diaries Bump Watch

I had my 20 week scan today. Even though we already knew it was a boy from our early gender scan we still wanted to make sure all is well and double check they got it right. It’s still a boy, bouncing and kicking and showing it’s man parts off already. It never stopped the whole time the lady was trying to get the measurements of the heart, brain and all the vital checks she needed to do. He was playing catch me if you can. What was really special about this scan was I had both kids with me. They haven’t come to previous scans as I had bleeding and cramping a lot up until recently so I didn’t want to bring them until I thought it was ok. They were absolutely mesmerized by the whole thing. B couldn’t believe modern technology that a little stick on my gooey belly could come up on a screen. MM kept asking about baby’s size, body parts and if the lady was hurting me. I think she was a little confused if the lady was harming the baby by pushing in my belly so much or me. Bless her. 

Having my kids at the scan made it such a special moment. Them seeing their sibling on the screen for the first time and hearing the heart beat. It made it an emotional moment for me too watching them and their fascination with the whole thing. They asked for a photo each so they could bring it to school and show everyone their little brother. It was a bittersweet scan. 

I am feeling much better lately. Less tired and less hormonal for now. I think the last three days of eating better, gym and getting good night sleep with no late nights have really helped too. It’s amazing what being healthy can do for you. Even though I completely enjoyed eating everything in site at Christmas and on my birthday because it only comes once a year each right?

We are moving into the final half of pregnancy. I am getting so excited to meet baby and prepare the house for baby now that Christmas is gone. I have nesting issues galore. I just want to organize and clean out every cabinet, cupboard and closet lately. Did you ever get this pregnant? 

 20 Weeks Pregnant Pregnancy Diaries Bump Watch



This week the number one question everyone is asking me: Are you fed up yet? Some questions are really annoying when you are pregnant. I often wonder if it’s just because we are hormonal and pregnant that we don’t like them? Or if people just don’t really know what to say to a pregnant person? What do you think? I am only half way through I hope I am not fed up yet. hahaha 


My bump hasn’t really grown the last few weeks but everything else around it has really grown. I guess the bump needs support. I can see the changes in my face and the sides of my arms when I look in the mirror. I can feel it in the sides and on my back too. Its amazing what  little bit of weight everywhere can feel like. I have always been able to feel a few pounds and I definitely put on some xmas weight on top of baby weigh too. 

No cravings if anything I am sick of stuffing my face which is a good thing. I am over sweets and desserts for the holiday celebrations. I am now back on a healthy diet, back on my morning smoothies and back in the gym. Even on New Year’s Day, hubby and I were in the gym and it felt good to kick start the new year with a new start of healthy. 

We are still looking for name suggestions to go with Taylor, baby boy names, comment below any genre, country, spelling – we are open minded. 

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    • I didn’t think it would be so lovely and emotional having them there really but it made it so special so glad I did. Lady wouldn’t let me video it though grr

    • Oh this will be us or we will divorce over a name they are so so hard and boys are even harder than girls. Sadly we had a girl name picked out perfectly agreed. Typical it wasn’t that easy. So happy for you. Can’t wait to read about birth and baby milestones to come.

  1. Congratulations! My little girl just turned one and we’re talking about working on baby number two once she’s out of diapers. I actually brought up taking her to the scans with my husband and that made us all the more excited for number two…whenever that may be.

    • Oh I loved having my first two so close together and it really was so fun. When they start bonding and growing up together is such a lovely thing to watch. I had two in diapers and it wasn’t as bad as everyone says. Don’t wait…. you never know how long it takes. I would have wanted my third right after my second took four years. It’s so exciting.

  2. Sounds like everything is ticking along nicely. I would love to have Isabelle with us when we go for our scan in a couple of weeks, but it’s whilst she’s at school and I’m not sure that they will allow her the time off.


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