Snapshots & Scenes From December

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The end of the year came and went….we are now in 2018! Happy New Year! With a new year usually comes new goals and challenges for ourselves, for work, and for the house too. It would be great if you come join me in making Snapshots & Scenes one of your goals/challenges for the new year too. It’s a great place to showcase your favorite random photos and random video clips you take on your phone or with your camera of everyday family life that normally just sit on your hard drive and never get put together to appreciate. Myself and a few other bloggers wanted to start vlogging more and making memorable family videos to look back on so we created this linky. It’s new and still evolving but we would love you to come join us in the project too.

Looking back over last year, it started out a very sad year for us with my Grandma passing and my Dad getting cancer. We ended the year announcing the news of a third baby on the horizon come May. It was a busy year full of trips and MM starting school too. We ended it with one of the quietest Christmas celebrations I have ever had in my life. I don’t think we got dressed for a few days in a row either. It was time to relax and just be home with the kids which is a rare thing for us. We are constantly on the go. 

I am really looking forward to this being a great year. We are so excited for baby’s arrival. Hubby and I have lots of business plans in the making both separately in our own businesses and a venture we are starting together that I am really excited about. The kids are both in school now which still feels weird but gives me time to prepare for baby and work as much as I can to grow this blog space even more and continue to share our family journey with all of you.

It was a quiet month so we didn’t go on huge days out except to see Santa of course, and we didn’t do any big trips this month either. So our video is of our everyday life as a family and one of the very reasons I started doing this project. These are the moments as time goes passed us that we tend to forget.

There has been way too much baking going on but it is Christmas. Never be pregnant during the holidays I think I gained 20lbs just during Christmas Break alone. It rained hard and was windy almost everyday of break so we didn’t get to the park nearly as much as we wanted to but there were a few glorious mornings we dashed off in the car to scoot and swing. We got snow for a few hours and made most of it like you do. On other days we watched movies and went swimming as a family at the gym to exercise the kiddos.

We are now fully charged and ready to take on 2018 ahead of us. 


Setting a Christmas Tablescape table settings holidays

Rice Krispy Treats Christmas Trees recipe for kids


Year of Siblings 2017 December Siblings Project snow day

Santa's Grotto Farmer Ted's Christmas 2017


Decorating the house all festive and bright for Christmas.

Seeing Santa at Farmer Ted’s Grotto.

No school runs or having to get dressed if we don’t want to.

Documenting my Second Trimester – Part One vlog! 

Having a big Christmas Dinner for only four. Hahaha Our smallest festive dinner yet.

Making Christmas Rice Krispy Tree Treats

The kids are on pregnancy bump watch we are half way there.

Mostly we have enough being at home and doing absolutely nothing – together! 



It’s a monthly linky showcasing our favorite photos or favorite video clips from the month put together in a blog post. Those clips you film but just leave sitting on your phone are perfect for this. You can do just photos or just a video or both like me. You don’t have to be a vlogger or a photographer, this is a great linky for beginners because we are all learning along the way together.


Anyone! If you have just one favorite photo or twenty or a 60 second vlog to 5 minutes. It’s all welcome to look back on the month and share the things that make you smile and happy. Come share your favorite moments with us!

Take a peak at what the other cohosts have been doing this past month and link up below!


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11 thoughts on “Snapshots & Scenes From December”

  1. Our December was very low key as well, and it’s been lovely to switch off and just enjoy the family over the past couple of weeks. I’m so impressed your little lady is reading Treasure Island already! My four love books too but Crevette is the only one who reads novels 🙂 How exciting that your lovely Hubby and you both have exciting projects for your businesses for 2018. I hope your dad is getting better. xxx

    • Not quite reading it she makes her brother tell her every other word so don’t be too impressed she just loves to sit next to her brother and pretend to read the book she reads. Thanks hunny Dad is still working on it bless him and yes here is to a new year and better year ahead.

    • Oh thank you hunny love looking back on little moments and snips of our everyday life. Tells such a better family story than the big milestones documented in the passed only. Happy new year.

  2. Beautiful photos as always Jenny, the kids are so happy & smiley, love the ones of them reading and love the xmas baking, I really want to do more of that with the boys this year xx

    • Oh they are little bookworms even MM who just pretends have the time sat next to us reading bigger books and turning pages. Too cute. Thanks hunny. Baking with kids is always a firm fave.

  3. Sorry to read about your Grandma, and your Dad. My Mum had cancer too, at the end of the year. Wishing you and the rest of the family a bright 2018. #snapshotsandscenes


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