Pregnancy: 18 Weeks Bump Watch

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 10:12 pm

Pregnancy 18 Weeks Bump Watch

It completely amazes me that I am almost half way through. Normally by this time, the organization in me kicks in and I have everything for nursery, names, and routines sorted in my head and in my house. This time it we will be winging it, not being able to still agree on any names remotely similar and knowing where we will even put the baby clothes. This baby is a nomad for until about it’s 1st birthday and we build in the loft. I have been searching online and ikea for great storage solutions so I can at least have a place for baby clothes and changing area in the middle of the night. No one wants to have to go downstairs in the cold to change a baby at 2am. No chance. I feel out of sorts not being organized this time. It’s what I do. The nesting clearly has set in much earlier this time for me than ever before. 

Did you nest at the end or during your pregnancy at all? 

I find at the moment, I don’t have the time to do it but the need to want to clean out every cupboard, every wardrobe, every closet in this entire house and get rid of things we don’t need or use. I have been selling on ebay like crazy trying to get funds in for new baby stuff since we sold everything before we found out we were having third. Typical. I sit exhausted on the couch at night wishing I had the energy to clean and do all the things I want to in preparation. 

Sadly, I am full of a cold this week. It’s my first real snotty head cold in years. I normally am a coughing illness kind of person but this time…. oh my, there is snot. You know those kids that have it streaming down their faces and it won’t stop and it just keeps coming. So gross I know, this is my life at the moment. I am actually disgusted by me too. Hubby is staying as far away from me and the kids whom of course have it too. He is surrounded completely and in true form he never catches anything from the kids like I do, especially while I am pregnant. Not fair!  



This week the number one question everyone is asking me: How far along are you? They think I am at the end but no just a lot of holiday weight gain and a big bump coming your way. I suppose most at the school gates have never seen my pregnant. As I am really short and small normally, it must be shock to their system. Don’t you just love the amazing comments others like to say when you are pregnant. “OH you are getting big.” and “You can tell in your face your pregnant.” NO one ever wants to hear these things while pregnant. Keep them to yourself. 


I am feeling much better pregnancy wise, dizzy vertigo has been gone for a few days but I am sure it will rare it’s head at Xmas just in time for me to feel knocked down again. I am sleeping better but with some super weird terms. I don’t know why I dream so much when I am pregnant. I have been doing my exercise but being careful on the weight size in body pump class. I did feel a slight pain in my ligaments so I need to be aware I could get SPD again. I had it with my first and it was horrific. But I am taking it easy over Christmas, while I probably will gain a lot more weight than necessary I will be reading and staying warm and cozy doing absolutely nothing for the holidays. Doesn’t that sound blissful?

New cravings on the horizon, salty food. Anything salty …could be why my face has bloated twice its size and everyone seems to want to inform me that I look different in my face now too. Thanks everyone so kind of you to bring the one thing I can’t stand about pregnancy is my face bloating. Other than that no more new cravings and the old ones of mayo and beef are gone thankfully. I think I had my fill already. 

Thanks for keeping up to date with my pregnancy. I am enjoying sharing our last baby, my third pregnancy with everyone. Our bodies are amazing to do what they do despite the changes and all we go through it’s so worth it. I already want a fourth, shhh don’t tell hubby! Good thing he doesn’t read my blog. Ha!



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  1. I feel exactly the same about my face. I love my bump and non of the other weight gain bothers me but I really hate how big my face has become! I’m been struggling to nest as we’re rennovating the house – bare floorboards, piles of boxes and no room to move! Our bedroom is nearly finished and we got carpet in there today, so finally one room to feel cosy and at home in! I hope your cold passes soon and you feel well for Christmas x #Bumps&Babies


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