Gold Medal, Christmas parties, and a Snow day #littleloves

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 02:50 pm

What a week it has been? The lead up to Christmas is getting super busy. I am tying up all invoices and work deadlines in time for next week, where the kids will be off come midweek and we will officially be on Christmas break. I can’t wait for some relaxing R&R time with my kiddos and more sleep. These past few weeks have been busy and festive and I do love every part of the holiday season but I am tired this year. The kids are tired and we all have been battling through it with slap cheek, colds, coughs and running noses on top of everything. Lots of lie ins, Christmas movies, and pjs/duvet days await me in the next week or so. I can’t wait. 

Since we have been so busy, somehow Saturday appeared and I realized I hadn’t shared our weekly roundup yet. Friday went by me in a blur. I blame pregnancy brain, it really is a thing and mine this third time around is absolutely shocking. I am mixing days up, showing up to wrong gym classes, taking the wrong child to the wrong spanish lessons, forgetting playdates and to do lists like crazy. I fear my brain has rotted and left me with mush. It normally is so organized and great about busy routines and schedules. It’s a good thing I haven’t forgot a child somewhere yet like the grocery store. Not that I would be the only parent to have done that. Wait till I have three to run after… we will need a buddy system if my brain doesn’t return to full memory mode after birth. Send help! 

Year of Siblings 2017 December Siblings Project snow day


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I finished the first book of Laini Taylor’s Smoke & Bone series, I couldn’t put it down nor could I wait to get into the second book, Days of Blood and Starlight. I love a good sci-fantasy series. Sometimes chic lit is not enough drama to pull me in when my mind is busy and thrillers at the moment give me nightmares. I swear pregnancy messes with my dreams. Sci-fantasy has enough twists, drama and magic to keep me focus on the story and not on work or house to do’s. This time of year, it’s nice to shut off completely and get stuck into a good series. I am hoping to finish the three book series before Christmas so that I can free up time for any books that Santa might bring me.  

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Have you heard, I have hit my second trimester and almost half way through my pregnancy already, how does that happen? Time seems to be blinking away from us so quickly. I can’t believe how fast my last pregnancy is going. I just want it to slow down and take in all of it slowly, knowing there will be no more babies, no more pregnancies, and this is it. It’s nice to know when it’s your last too so I can do just that. You can catch my weekly bump watch on my blog every Tuesday, or join me on my weekly BUMPS & BABIES linky every Thursday if you have new or old pregnancy, birth, maternity and baby blogs or vlog posts to share. In the meantime, would love you to hear my second trimester happenings below. 

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We have hit the last season of White Collar, I do love a good “Suits” type series since we finished Suits itself this is a good next one to fill the gap. I am on the last season of The Originals another fine one after Vampire Diaries to watch. Of course, this week needs a mention solely on The Crown being back on…we are on episode four. It’s one of those you want to watch all at once but then like GOT you get through it too fast and wish you hadn’t finished yet. 

My biggest watch moment this week, which just happened this morning, my daughter came in 1st and 3rd in her gymnastic competitions. It was her very first competition ever and she did wonderful. I am so so proud of her. She was so brave. I watched as she took to the beams, bars, trampolines and floor. It made me want to get out there and do it with her. I loved gymnastics growing up. She stood on that tall, 1st place box, and beamed right back at us while we hooted and hollered for her. She hasn’t taken her medals off or her gymnastic outfit all day. That proud smile has been planted on her face permanently today.

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It’s Christmas party season and December is full of Christmas party dinners for us. We have them with friends we haven’t seen all year that are home visiting, we have them with each school class for MM and B’s classes, we have them for my work (yes a bunch of us bloggers had one) and for my hubby’s work. It’s an endless stream of eating out and dressing up. It’s been a challenge this year to dress the bump in clothes I already own instead of buying new ones. I have been sharing my three Christmas party outfits last week with some new Christmas party ankle boots. Who says you have to wear heels? Click over to the post to see how I styled all three of these gorgeous boots. They are festive outfits indeed!

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My favorite thing to decorate in the house is by far my dining room table. If you read my blog, you will know I have a thing for tablescapes for every season and every holiday. This year, I kept a similar vibe in the centerpiece as last year but switched up silver for gold chargers and beautiful gold cultery to pair with my purple dishes. It really created more of a rustic look as that’s how I decorated the Christmas tree in our dining room this year with burlap and pine cones. 

Setting a Christmas Tablescape table settings holidays


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I celebrated a whole year of my beautiful little siblings kiddos this week on the blog…. one of the many reasons I love the Siblings Project that I do with Dear Beautiful each month. At the end of the year, we get to roundup and look back on all those photos of the kids from January to December 2017 and how much they have grown and changed. This year with MM starting school, I have seen a dramatic change in her personality, mannerisms and she is more independent and out spoken then ever before it’s great to see. You can catch up on the year in the life of my kiddos on this month’s post.

Do pop over and have a peak at our snow day too. It was the kid’s first day in the snow at a time they will remember. The last snow fall was when they both were babies. They were both mesmerized by the white fluffy stuff falling from the sky. It was so cute watching them figure out how to roll snowballs and realize that snow makes your hands so cold they burn. We had snowball fights, made a sad mini snowman and made the most of it before it all melted by afternoon time. 

Year of Siblings 2017 December Siblings Project snow day


We can’t end the week without some great instagrammers to follow either can we? I love this part of the week, showcasing some beautiful accounts big or small it doesn’t matter to me. It’s about the captures and the sharing and support these amazing instagrammers do. How festive and Christmas do these look? Just click the grid to be taken to the feeds…. come join us in using the #lifecloseup hashtag on instagram too. 

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6 thoughts on “Gold Medal, Christmas parties, and a Snow day #littleloves”

  1. Oh bless you Jenny with your baby brain, though I sometimes feel like this and my ‘baby’ is nearly 12. It’s such a busy time of year and hope you get lots of relaxation next week when the kids break up. Mine have broken up now and we are looking forward to lots of family chill time. Oooo White Collar, that sounds interesting and will definitely check it out on Netflix. I am bereft that Suits has finished for the moment. I need my Harvey fix lol #littleloves

    • I think baby brain is one of those things that never fully recovers ever. hahaha Or at least that’s what I am going with. Well not sure about relaxation hahaha but we definitely caught up on some fun and cuddles which is the best.

  2. I cannot believe you’re half way through your pregnancy already!! That’s gone so fast!
    Well done MM on her medals, she looks so proud of herself, and rightly so.
    Looking forward to seeing you on Friday, we better be sat together! xx

  3. Aw well done Missy you little star I bet you were so proud Jenny, and you are looking fab my lovely. I love all the boots they are so stylish and its so great to have a choice. Have an amazing Christmas my gorgeous friend xx


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