Pregnancy: 36 Weeks Bump Watch

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 02:43 pm

pregnancy 36 weeks bump watch pregnant diaries

It feels like I should be writing thirty-eight weeks instead of 36 weeks + 3 days. It’s been a long two weeks. We are at the end where it slows down and everyone is on their toes waiting for baby’s arrival. Some more impatience than others like my kids. They are fed up on waiting now. I think I am getting close to just “you can come out now”. I already had my daughter by this time so I was hoping he followed suit. Not because I want to rush the last pregnancy but because I have a lot of medical things I need to get sorted before we all fly to America for the summer. It sounds like I have a long time before than but I don’t. I still have to get four passports, london embassy appointments for two kids (MM passports expired typical timing), I still have to get MRI and heart scans for my dizzy problems and would like all this sort and the baby’s vaccinations going before we fly out. We are cutting it close if he arrives on his due date MAY 20th. Those are all the wrong reasons to want him to come early but most important since I saw his beautiful face on my 4D SCAN I just want to hold him. I just want to introduce him to his siblings. He is the luckiest boy in the world to get two siblings like B and MM. They are going to spoil him absolutely rotten. LOOK OUT FOLKS. hahaha

My bump is measuring in the 92% charts instead of the 10% where it’s been from the beginning so they are concerned about his size. I have growth scans each week to keep a watch on this. If I go up or still am at 92% on Wednesday they want to induce me. While I just said I want him to come early above, I also just hope my body goes into labor naturally. Inducing scares me, as it’s a specific time and place. I don’t want to get all nervous and anxious knowing exactly when he will be born. I am probably the only person that loves the spontaneous developing of going into labor. I don’t know when it’s going to happen therefore I can’t get worked up about it until it starts and by then well he is coming and there is no looking back so it’s perfect for someone like me.

pregnancy 36 weeks bump watch pregnant diaries


WEIGHING 2.6 kg.


THE QUESTION EVERYONE IS ASKING THIS WEEK:¬†“You not had that baby yet?”

It’s more of a statement than a question these days. I want shout back sometimes, no I am not due yet. I love because so many have babies early that the due date isn’t the target. It’s always a race to see if baby arrives before the due date, they act like its some kind of novelty if I actually get close to my due date. Isn’t that the purpose of a due date? Well, I got four weeks, about a month people. It’s going to be long if I go late and you all keep asking me if he has arrived yet.

Although the kids for weeks now have been fed up waiting for baby brother to arrive. They just want him here already. It’s so cute but it’s made the last few weeks drag on for me. I can’t believe I was only writing 36 weeks above felt like it should be 38 by now. It’s definitely that slow period at the end hitting.

My body is going into crazy mode. I have daily twinges and pains. I keep having those moment where I think, oh hooray it’s starting and then it’s probably just braxton hicks or my SPD. Two things that I got with my last pregnancy just so I could experience them. Lucky me. It hasn’t been too bad during the day. I do have to pee every five minutes now it’s like he is playing trampoline on my bladder for fun. At night is the worse for me and since I went into labor both times at night with both my older two I keep thinking will baby brother do the same. I am uncomfortable laying down. It’s times like this I want one of those ugly, big fat recliners in my front room to sleep in. That would probably kill my back but at least it would prop me up comfortably. I could go back and forth between Netflix and Amazon Prime shows at least during the night to occupy my mind.

I have the biggest sweet tooth that is becoming quite a problem in the last week or so. I have done so well to do Slimming World this entire pregnancy and while I have cheated here and there, I have lost control this week completely. I have been having cupcakes, cakes, biscuits, and fruit chews from Aldi is my new ultimate weakness and I can walk there which is even worse. I need to regroup but because I fell off the wagon and I am more tired nearing the end, not sure I can get back there as good as I was doing. There is someone always bringing me something to celebrate baby or dinner out with friends before baby comes. The desserts keep presenting themselves to me, it would be rude to say no…right?


I had my baby shower yesterday and felt so overwhelmed with love from so many friends. I really wish my own mother could have been there too but it was a lovely celebration for baby. He and I were both spoiled rotten. I didn’t expect it at all. Even the school moms all gathered together to get me a lovely baby bjorn bouncer that I wanted. I cried. Of course, I did. It just feels so nice to have all my special people in one room.

We are ready and waiting now. It’s time to slow down at work, keep the house clean, and have people on standby for “the call”.

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