Pregnancy: 32 Weeks Bump Watch

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 10:11 pm

pregnancy 32 weeks bump watch pregnancy diaries

This week has been slow in my pregnancy. I am not sure if it’s slowing down because I am at the end of it or if it’s slowing down because I have had to slow down, maybe it’s a little bit of both. Either way, I am savoring and soaking up these last few weeks because soon it will be over. My very last pregnancy, my last birth, my last baby in the house. I know each milestone, will be emotional and a goodbye to that era every time. I am not ready to be done but hubby definitely is and so knowing this is it our family will be complete at five. It will be the five of us on family adventures and this will be our dynamics with two boys and one girl moving forward together.

I am so excited for baby boy’s arrival I can hardly sleep at night. I guess that just prepares me for the sleepless nights ahead. I can’t wait to snuggle up with him, hold him, kiss him, feed him, and introduce him to his siblings will be the highlight of the year. I have never forgot that moment B met MM at only 1 and half years old. He could hardly say baby and his little voice he ran over to her and loved her instantly.

If you think I am impatiently waiting for his arrival, well, the older two won’t leave me alone about when is baby brother coming out. Is it today? They don’t understand a due date either that everyone keeps mentioning. Why doesn’t he come on his due date? If he doesn’t come on his due date why is it call a due date? The questions have been flooding in. They both are very curious about breastfeeding and asking me about the various pumps, sterilizers, bottles, baby products we now have taking over the house in various rooms. My eldest even commented, “babies need a lot of stuff Mommy” which made me laugh so hard I almost fell off the couch. They will be overwhelmed with excitement when we have this baby. Not long now….

pregnancy 32 weeks bump watch pregnancy diaries



A bonus interesting fact this week, your nipples get darker around this stage so that if baby arrives early a preemie can see them for breastfeeding. I mean, how amazing are our bodies?

This week the number one question everyone is asking me: “Can I get that for you? Or can I do that for you?”

I love that everyone comes a pregnant woman aid when she is nearing the end. Most cases it’s delightful to say yes, please help me. But there are those extreme people that think pregnant woman can’t do anything or shouldn’t do anything. While I built my son’s nursery furniture I was getting lectures on putting my feet up and don’t carry this or that. Sometimes people won’t even let me stand when I so badly just want to stand. Sitting is uncomfortable that’s for offering your seat on the train or bus or in a busy cafe but sometimes my back just needs to stand up. hahaha


My bump is truly pulling on my back now. It’s weight is showing in gold and showing well everywhere because it’s not fitting into many of my clothes. I am nearing the end where I have about four options to put with black leggings that don’t feel like they are restricting my breathing.

Baby boy is kicking and pushing down with his head more than ever before. I feel the added pressure in my pelvic floor. I think I am getting SPD again like I had with my first son too. Luckily I never got it with my daughter. The skin on my belly is really starting to stretch and itch like crazy too. You can definitely feel my body getting ready for birth. Now it’s the waiting game…. will he be early like his sister or late like his brother. The bets are on!


I am starting to get nauseous again. Who knew this would return? Not sure it’s actually pregnancy related or if it’s all the health problems I am battling at the moment but I feel tired and sick so food isn’t my friend this week. Nothing taste good like I lost the taste buds completely and nothing feels satisfying as I am full two bites in with little room left in my stomach. How I will eat afternoon tea at my baby shower is beyond me. Maybe one bite of everything just to taste it if I can. hahaha


We have almost finished the nursery, I am just waiting on a rug, a light, and a mirror and then I will be sharing it with all of you. I can’t wait. B is sharing with baby for the time being as baby will be in my room for a while and the loft building doesn’t start until September. But we are ready, car seat by the door, bags packed just in case.

Finally, I think picked and agreed on a name. Let me here you say….. HIP HIP HOOORAY! Just in the nick of time.

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