What does your tea say about you?

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:30 am

readingbooksThere are numerous ways to drink tea, milky, regular, sugary, black and many more options in between. I have always liked a cup of tea here and there. Before moving to England I loved my tea with honey or slice of lemon possibly even a teaspoon of sugar now and again. Now, unless it’s fruit tea it seems naked without milk in it.

It got me thinking a lot more about tea than just how I take it. I drink coffee in the mornings to wake up and start my day even if it’s decaf, it’s part of my morning routine. But with tea, it’s always centered around socializing with a loved one, family or friend or in the afternoon when I get a moment to myself to read good book or just sit and sip my tea to enjoy the peace. I have more emotions attached to my tea. Drinking tea is much more to me than having a cup of coffee. It’s a special time shared with special people or for special moments.

With my mother visiting from the states recently, I have been making more time for tea with her. We sit and chat about all the happenings of our separate lives and catch up. Drinking tea together is part of our bonding time. I love that. She takes her tea black while I have mine milky and sweet. We even laugh how different we like our tea yet in other ways how similar we both are to each other. She definitely in the stronger one of us and I tell her that’s why she takes it black. She is the strongest person I know. I take my milky and sweet possibly because I am still a beginner at drinking tea or perhaps it just fits my personality being the more gentle type.

Now, when I think about tea, I think about all those conversations I have had with my mother. All those memories we have made in various cities, towns, and countries across the world, together. I wouldn’t trade those tea times for anything. I know long into my adulthood we will be cheers our tea cups together and hopefully when my own daughter is older, she can join in. It’s funny how something as simple as a cup of tea can bring such joy and happiness to a moment shared.


What does your tea say about you?

Well, SunLife can tell you. They are raising awareness for Dementia in the UK and have created this amazing tool to tell you what your tea says about you? Click the link, it’s fun and mine and my mother’s were a perfect match to our personalities.

Dementia is such a hard disease to know how to help but did you know just having a little cup of tea and socializing with a dementia sufferer can brighten their day and help them cope easier with the challenges they face? I know if either of my parents were to get dementia, there would be endless cups of tea and afternoons of chatter even if they didn’t remember who I was.

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    • Oh you are too cute. Baby tea! Love it. I actually leave my fruit tea bag in the entire time I drink it but not normal black tea hahaha Baby tea twins! lol


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