Teacher Gift Ideas to say “THANK YOU FOR TEACHING MY CHILD”

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Teacher gift ideas to say thank you for teaching my child

It’s a kind thing to give a gift to your child’s teacher at the end of the year. After all they are with your children as much if not more than you are during the school year. They are helping to guide and mold your child through education. But what is a great thank you teacher gift and how much should you spend is entirely up to you. I always say a small gesture is best. They have a huge group of students that will all be doing the same as you.

It goes back to students used to give apples as a thank you to the teacher. So don’t break the bank.


I think a small box of Guylian chocolates would be a sweet “thank you” for teaching my child. As I have a few teachers to buy for this seems to be a cheap and easy gesture for them all. At £6.65 a box they even how enough to share with the other staff if they wish too. It’s take a whole family of staff to run a school not just one teacher.

Teacher gift ideas to say thank you for teaching my child

Coffee or Tea Gift boxes. You can get little coffee or tea gift boxes from your local shop for a few pounds. A box of nice flavor tea bags are a lovely “thank you”.  They can share these in the staff canteen/kitchen area with everyone.

Teacher gift ideas to say thank you for teaching my child


A small candle or diffuser. They could set on their desk or take home. Something that’s cute and simple. I like my kid’s to gift wrap them to make them more personal from them.

A bottle of wine. Please make sure they actually drink alcohol and it’s not against their religion so you don’t offend anyone. I would only say choose this “thank you” option if you know the teacher really well. You never know who doesn’t drink alcohol or not. Some school might even have a no alcohol gifting policy too. So check with the headteacher.

A bouquet of flowers. Nothing says, “thank you” nicer than fresh, smelling flowers. You don’t have to go to a big floral shop and spend a fortune. Aldi and Lidl for example are great places for about £3 you can get a bundle.

A “best teacher” mug. Who doesn’t like to be reminded how good they are on a daily basis?


Have your kid’s make them a personalized “thank you” card. Get creative with it. The kids love getting involved and the teacher can see that the kids enjoyed the year in their class as much as the parents. It’s not about how much you spend on the teacher.

Pick wild flowers in the woods. Make it an adventure with the kids and they can bring their collection in a bouquet for the teacher. Make sure they aren’t weeds though so your kids might need some guidance.

It’s the end of the year and school is wrapping up for summer. We can’t wait for summer break. Looking forward to the lie ins and no homework. Long days at the beach and ice cream dripping off our chins. I am sure the teachers are looking for a much needed break too.

How do you thank your teacher for teaching your child?

Teacher gift ideas to say thank you for teaching my child

*We were sent Guylian chocolate boxes to test out but all opinions are our own.

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