40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

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We have just celebrated my husband’s 40th birthday. It is a big milestone in life and one that should be celebrated as much as possible in my eyes. Sure 30 and 50 are big ones too but I feel like 40 is a bit different. In our 30s some still classify us as young adults being silly still having youth on our side. In our 50s people take you serious as a full adult with experience and life lessons behind you. But hitting 40s means you are no longer are either of these, it’s the balance of the scale time before you tip over the other side. (in a good way).

I feel slightly weird saying I am married to a 40 year old now only because we met so young and it doesn’t feel possible that he is 40 (nor am I 35) years old. Time flies when you are having fun.

It took me a long time to think of some great gift ideas for his big celebration of turning 40!!! Thought if you are like me looking for some inspiration big or small to celebrate a special man turning 40 years old here are some gift ideas to help you.

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  1. HOLIDAY – We booked Moon Palace in Cancun, Mexico for the entire family and some extend family for the day he turned 40 years old. But even a quick, romantic trip away from the kids would be a special surprise. Don’t tell him and keep him guessing until the airport!
  2. WATCH – Whether it’s a nice Ted Baker watch or if he is into investments a nicer watch like Tag Heuer its a great gift to remind them of a great milestone celebrate and a lovely gift from you. I got my husband a watch he has been lusting over for years.
  3. NEW REG PLATE – You know men and their cars well private reg plates go hand in hand with cars too. What a great gift to get a private plate for their car. Maybe a nickname or their initials or something related to their biggest passions, your options are almost endless.
  4. SURPRISE PARTY – You may not classify a party as a gift and just a given but if it’s a big surprise party a lot of work, money and time goes into planning something special and keeping it a surprise. If he loves surprise this is a sure WIN! Book a venue and invite all his family and friends with a little bit of planning, good food and drinks available he won’t need to unwrap something.
  5. EXPERIENCES – Get him a week of golf lessons if he likes golf, or Football tickets to an upcoming game, perhaps tickets to a comedy show, or book something he has on his bucket list like skydiving, mountain climbing, bungee jumping. Experiences create long lasting memories and it’s more fun to have fun right? Your options are endless depending on what he likes to do.


  1. PERSONALIZED GIFTS – Who doesn’t like to get a book about themselves on their birthday? The Book of Everyone is great and you might learn a new thing or two about the person too. Check them out for a personalize book about him. Or perhaps something full of memories like a family photo book from the kids where they pick the photos out and create it.
  2. JOKE GIFTS for a LAUGH – There are millions of 40th gift ideas for joke presents that have one liners that will leave you in stitches. I thought a pint glass was hilarious that stated, “Looks 18, Feels 14, Acts 8 That Makes Me 40” for my husband. There are cards, typography posters, beer mugs, coffee mugs, keyrings, plates, wine bottles, cheese platters, and more that all have something highly funny written on them. Go for it, make him laugh.
  3. NEW TECH GEAR – These days there isn’t a person out there that doesn’t have some kind of wish list for the next upgrade technology. Whether he needs a new phone, new smart watch, new laptop which are slightly bigger gifts (look see if he is due an upgrade because not everyone checks these things) or perhaps something smaller like new wifi headphones he didn’t even know existed (i.e. my husband) but loves them now. How about wifi light bulbs so he can use his phone to turn the lights on and off. Think what’s new in the technology world that could make his work or personal life fun and easier?
  4. GIFT VOUCHERS – If he is a reader buy him a gift voucher for Amazon so he can get some new books to read. Don’t pick them out yourself unless your brave, I made that mistake. Oops. Or perhaps he needs some new clothes, buying a gift voucher gives him the freedom to choose, try on and no blame or guilt he has to wear it even though he doesn’t like that shade of orange. If you are throwing a big surprise party like suggested above a small gift voucher in a funny card is a great small thing to pass to him to have something to open.
  5. SUBSCRIPTIONS – My husband loves golf more than his wife so I got him a subscription to two highly recommended golf magazines and he loved it. There is a magazine for every passion out there, travel, food, sports, fitness and more. You are sure to find something he will love. Or maybe he hates reading, why not get a subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime. I think we all LOVE these kind of subscriptions.
  6. VIDEO MESSAGE: A bonus gift idea for that pivotal moment of hitting 40 could be a personalised video message from a celebrity. Whether they’re a football fan or want to take it back to their childhood days, you’ll find anyone from Matt Le Tissier to Basil Brush and more. This is the perfect gift to mark the occasion, and will leave them feeling extra special.
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Mostly importantly, it’s about celebrating someone being on this planet for 40 years. That’s amazing accomplishment. That’s 40 years old, laughing, crying, experiencing, traveling, and enjoying life to it’s fullest I hope too. It’s not the mark of half way there but it’s a special day to be remembered. If you know someone about to celebrate a big birthday make them feel special whether it’s a big gesture or a small one. Everyone deserves to be celebrated.

These don’t just have to be for a partner, maybe your Dad, your brother, an uncle, or even a cousin is about to turn 40!

Maybe I should do a gift ideas list for HER next. I could put my own wish-list ideas down for my husband in a few years for my own 40th birthday. Hint, hint…


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