World Book Day, Igglepiggle LIVE and weekend plans

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I am on a reading roll with the kids but somewhere I have lost my way on reading for myself. I think exhaustion has a lot to answer for as come 7pm my eyes are tired and the kids are in bed, the last thing I want to do is pick up a book which isn’t like me at all.

But we have been doing big chapter books for family reading time each night and I have noticed a huge difference in my daughter’s own reading all the sudden. Sometimes it’s not just about them practicing reading but them being read to a lot too. They hear words and see the pages and put it together later in their own stories. It’s been nice getting that quality time with them instead of a little story that ends we get to share big stories that keep going. We always talk afterwards what we think will happen next.

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Have you been to The Lowry Theatre in Manchester and Outlet Mall? I haven’t either despite living so close to it for 12 years now. It’s a great day for a family day out. We watched the Night Garden Live show this week and even ran into some lovely friends Jo from JoAtNumber26 and her adorable boys.

I was so nervous how Baby O would respond to the dark theatre during nap time because you can’t take strollers or car seats in with you. I didn’t know this until I tried to get in with a sleeping baby. Upon waking him ten minutes after I got him asleep to go in he did amazingly well. I think he was the most engaged into the Upsy Daisy and Igglepiggle than the older two which is saying something because they were hooked. We haven’t been to a live show like this before but it won’t be our last visit. We made a whole day of shopping, eating and a show on a very wet, cold Sunday. We loved it.

The kids even got to meet Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy, get their faces painted and dance around with balloons and bubbles which really added to the show experience. Thanks The Lowry for gifting us tickets to try out the theatre for the very first time.

wore wear fashion

It was World Book Day this week, and our school doesn’t always dress up but this year they did a fundraiser to raise money for a new library for the school. Each child had to dress up, and do a poem to the whole class and got sponsors for it. I love when you bring books to life and the kids love it too. I had myself two cats this week… so they are taking over my fashion section this week.

made making

I will be putting the kitchen through it’s paces this weekend when I have some friends over for afternoon tea at my house. I am hoping the rain goes away so we can have one like this I styled last year. I love making the cute little efforts to setup the table all pretty. It’s welcoming to my guests and I get giddy with pretty things. If not, this will be similar but inside in my dining room. Get some TIPS here to style an afternoon tea party at your house???

How to Style a Garden Afternoon Tea Baby Shower with Laura Ashley
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8 thoughts on “World Book Day, Igglepiggle LIVE and weekend plans”

  1. What a gorgeous round up Jenny. Well done baby for coping with the theatre. I loved the Lowry when we went a couple of christmases ago. I cannot wait to see you on Sunday x

  2. Oh how cute does Baby O look in the theatre like a big boy! My little one loved Iggle piggle and Upsy Daisy when he was a baby. I love your afternoon tea setting, you always make your tables look absolutely perfect. I was thinking of doing an afternoon tea for Mother’s Day, so I may well take a leaf out of your book and focus on the setting as well as the food. Have a lovely weekend x

    • Oh yes a pretty table is so inviting. Thanks hunny. They do grow up so fast don’t they? We will be honest and haven’t ever seen in the night garden until we were invited to theatre the kids loved it.

  3. I totally agree with you that reading to children really helps them with their own reading. Learning new words and listening to stories will also make them love books.
    How cute do your kids look with the face painting, and well done baby O for doing so well in the theatre.

    • I was highly impressed as usually he doesn’t like the dark and wants the light on so the theatre was a treat for us all. Thanks hunny. It is always fab watching them bring stories to life.

  4. I love the theatre and have taken the boys since they were little, its such a great way to spend family time, although they prefer concerts these days rather than shows! I bet the kids loved in the night garden and the cat costumes are fab, I love how they had to write a poem too,. And thank you your afternoon tea was fantastic i had the loveliest of afternoons x

  5. Your children look gorgeous dressed up for World Book Day. I loved seeing all the pictures on social media as mine are in high school, and there is no dressing up now. Your afternoon tea looked amazing Jenny, and looked like you all had a wonderful time x


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