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Treads school shoes for boys and girls review Are you buying school shoes over and over? If there is one thing we can all agree on as parents with school kids is how hard kids are on their school shoes. With a son and daughter, I am always in search of a brand I can rely on for quality school shoes for boys and girls.

It’s always a few weeks after you buy them (or what seems like it) that they are saying, they are too small, have a rip in them, the buckle is broken, they hurt their feet, you name it! My son is especially hard on his school shoes.

We have teamed up with Treads to see if they stand up to my kids’ testing. With my active kids they have quite the challenge ahead of them.

But what do we think so far of Treads school shoes for boys?Treads school shoes for boys and girls review


My first impression upon opening my son’s shoe box was these look durable. Their bright orange reminder tag that drew my attention to the fact that you can take the insert out for wider fit and it gives you more room to grow. So while they do fit him perfect now with the insert, it’s added extra comfort too. We have that extra 1/2 size of wiggle room.

They look like they have strong velcro straps that won’t get flipsy and rip from opening and closing them a million times over. The sole is thick and and sturdy for all that running kids do outside.

Treads school shoes for boys and girls review


As far as we can see they look trendy, look durable, feel comfortable and hopefully last us until the next growth spurt. My son has been testing out the Madrid Boys black leather touch fasten school shoe. At £45 it’s the same level of prices as other quality competitors. I don’t think more expensive is always better but in school shoes it seems they do last WAY longer than the cheaper brands. Do you want to buy six pairs of cheap shoes or two pairs of more expensive shoes in a school year?


Treads sizes are slightly different than what we were used to. My son is normally a 2 but in Treads school shoes he is 1 1/2-2 I like that they scale them in half sizes.


These school shoes for boys were designed and built with active boys in mind and now active girl too. They are also hand crafted using the finest of components; an additional protection on the toe offers additional durability and the soft padded ankle gives all day comfort support. For easy opening and closing, the touch fasten rip tape gives a custom feel.

Because it’s made with Permair leather which is soft, it allows easy, flexible, movement, offering unrivalled comfort and engineered to cope with very active kids. The sole is tough and strong but also flexible and lightweight. I am impressed because a lot of school shoes are super heavy.

Treads school shoes for boys and girls review

Treads school shoes for boys and girls review

Treads school shoes for boys and girls review

With Treads school shoes you can guarantee…

With these features I mentioned above and the guarantees below,  you can be confident they will be a just what you are looking for.

  •  12 Month Indescructible Guarantee*
  •  Free UK Delivery
  •  Free Returns
  •  30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

But don’t confuse school shoes for boys that look solid and strong: feel them, walk in them, try them on! We have had so many pairs of school shoes go through this house where I thought they looked quality and strong but then they get worn to school and they are too stiff they killed their feet causing blisters and ankles rubbing.

Treads school shoes for boys and girls review

What to look for in quality school shoes for your kids?

  • Quality
  • Proper Sizing
  • Proper fit (wider options)
  • Brand Guarantee

My son absolutely loved the look and feel of them from the moment he put them on. He is a big clothes fan so he takes pride in what he wears already at the age of almost eight years old. He has a wider foot so he said they don’t rub like all his other school shoes normally do on the size of his foot. He said they have been really comfortable so far…now let’s see if he can stay this size long enough to really put them to hard cord testing.

Have you tried Treads school shoes before???Treads school shoes for boys and girls review

* In Collaboration with Treads 

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  1. They look so smart Jenny! I love the look of the toes – I’ve got a climber and I’m always telling him not to climb walls in his school shoes for fear of his destroying the toes!

  2. It’s just a fortuitous event that there are two shops in a single town, not a magnet drawing customers like antique shops in Upper Falls. Bring your worn-out shoes and totes, any cowhide that requirements sewing. I love the vibe of the toes. I have a climber and I’m continually instructing him not to climb dividers in his school shoes because of a paranoid fear of his decimating the toes.


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