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Reading has always been a huge part of my life. I can remember even as a teenager, I had my nose in a good book. There are numerous photos of me propped up in my Dad’s armchair sitting in the window, pouring over the pages of a new book. As a child, reading was a fun way to let your imagination take over and go beyond reality through the stories I read. Growing up, as a young adult it was more just a pleasure and relaxation hobby. Now, as a working parent with a constant busy schedule it’s my time to stop my brain from thinking what chores or work needs to be done and dive into someone else’s life. As I got older, I started liking all genres of books. I go through stages where I read just chic lit, then just sci-fantasy, and move onto thrillers and then non-fiction. Depending on the seasons and my mood, you never know what book I will pick up and read next.

Somewhere along the lines when I started this blog, I started reading more blogs than books. My book buying came to a halt and I poured over blogs on the internet instead. I love reading blogs as much as I do books. But I missed that feel of a good book in your hand curled up on the sofa, in front of the fireplace or on the patio sofa in the summer. The more I work online the longer I am staring at a computer screen and it is a nice break for the eyes to read letters on paper again. Don’t get me wrong I still read as many blogs as I can but I have been getting back into a book a week the last two years like I used to and loving every minute of it.

There are many bloggers that share their book lists and are constantly out reading me. I am so impressed with how much they read and get through and move onto the next best novel. It’s great for me to always be behind them so I can pick up those that they recommend and possibly shy away from those that aren’t page turner. It’s very rarely that I ever get up on a book even if I don’t like it but it has happened this year and on books others raved about. Everyone has different tastes in what they read.

How do I choose the next book to read?

It can be from the grocery story, charity shop, library, borrowed from a friend, or a pop up on my Amazon. For the most part though I get book recommendations from other bloggers that love to read. There are so many out there that blog about reading.

Here are some blogs that I love referring back to when I am shopping for new books and looking for recommendations.

Jess from Catch a Single Thought blog, not only writes about the books she speed reads through (she is amazing at getting through the biggest and longest novels ever) and even shares them on her youtube channel. She just started a new book club called Bookish Mamas with two other bloggers. If you are looking for an online book club come join them here.

Morgana from Coffee Work Sleep Repeat is always sharing her love for books on her #littleloves linky as do I each Friday. It’s a great weekend round up of the little things we love each week and so many share some fantastic book recommendations on it in the reading sections. Some of my favorite books this year have come from reading her linky. She also wrote about the “Joys of Rereading Books” here. It’s a fab read, no pun intended.

Hayley from Hayley from Home blog is a huge fan of books and sharing her book list with everyone. You can check out her amazing “Year in Books 2017” and catch some of my favorites among her reading list too. I love her variety in her genres and mixing up the type of books to read. Her instagram is flooding with great ones to catch your eye for this year.

My plan is to stick with a book a week. It seems to keep me motivated and into the next novel when I finish the current one. I always have at least three or four books in a pile to pick up from so that I am never stuck on what is next. It’s as easy in my busy schedule as reading a few pages waiting for the kids to get out of school, a few pages while they have their swimming lesson, or do their homework after dinner, or grab a few pages waiting at my midwife appointments. It all adds up. I don’t always have endless hours to dive in but it’s great to come in and out of a story through the day too. Sometimes I take a nice two hour reading binge on a Sunday morning while the kids play with their toys or read too. We are all bookworms in this family which is a blessing.

My love for reading went as far as writing my own novel called When Love & Culture Collide. You can buy it in the UK here or the USA here. It’s been a few years since it was released as I was pregnant with B at the time, then had MM, then started blogging and now pregnant again before I could finish book number two. But it’s in the cards and I hope I always want to write as much as I want to read. While I look at my first book and think I could have done better, I also have had five years of writing every single day and more reading in the last five years too that would make me a better author. I hope this year to finish my second book. I hope others love reading what I write as much as I love reading about what they write.

reading book list books recommendations reading list novels stories read

10 thoughts on “My love for reading”

  1. Thanks so much for the mention Jenny, I find Morgana and Jess are always great for book recommendations too. I see so many on other peoples Instagram now it means I always have a huge wishlist of books. I’ve been slow of the mark this year as I want to do a bit of work on my blog but I’m hoping to get my reading up and running again soon, it’s such a great way to switch off and I’m glad you’ve got into it again!

  2. Thanks so much for mentioning Bookish Mamas, it’s lovely to have you join us. I’ve read quite a few on here – loved The Keeper of Small Things especially – but I’m really looking forward to finding some new authors to enjoy.

  3. Love this post Jenny, and I’m also a big fan of some of the blogs you’ve recommended here. I’m also pretty mad about reading. Also very impressed that you have written your own book! Xx

  4. I am DEFINITELY going to check out those blogs for recommendations Jenny – thanks for including them. I love reading and always had my nose in a book as a child and teenager, then when I started working I just stopped making time for it. I miss reading proper books and am determined to read a book a month this year. I said to my husband just this morning that I don’t even know what kinds of books I enjoy any more so I’m going to try out some from the lists you’ve suggested and see how I get on.

    • That was me I had to start at random book selections. I don’t have a genre that I am drawn too. I read anything and everything now which keeps it changing I like it.

  5. Thanks so much for the mention Jenny. I think you’ve made a better start to the year reading wise than I have, I’m still on the same book I started at the end of 2017! I’m hoping for a book a month which seems more achievable for me this year I think x

  6. Before children I would read and read, I loved reading and getting completely engrossed in a story. These days I just don’t read any books, if I have some free time I turn on the TV or open my laptop. This year I’m going to try and read a book, from cover to cover – even if it takes me all year!!! Thanks for the inspiration xx

    • I spent far too many nights just working away on my laptop sometimes I just need to learn life isn’t just all work Work Work so this time I am making an effort to enjoy little things like music and reading again. Keep work in work hours more.


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