Family trip to see the Northern Lights

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:23 am

There are many places and ways you can enjoy the Northern Lights for a family trip. It’s one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful phenomenons that you have to see at least once in your life and I can imagine experiencing it as a family is something you will never forget either.

Many of us have heard of the Ice Hotel. It’s freezing temps but spectacular sculpted hotel rooms. The experience is unforgettable and such a great place to stay at when you are witnessing the Northern Lights.

But maybe you are a bit more adventurous as a family. Maybe you want to experience the Northern Lights while snowmobiling, cruising, hiking or more outdoor activities as the same time.

Or perhaps you have always wanted to stay in a bubble or glass dome? How about a Northern Lights cruise? An igloo even…

Yes, wouldn’t that be amazing snuggled up in bed as a family and looking up at the Northern Lights from your very own bed in your own space together.

So how do you decide when, where, and how to see the Northern Lights?

The Aurora Zone is fantastic at helping you decide how your family will experience the Northern Lights. You can pick what kind of holiday you want from fast pace to relaxing pace. It’s bursting with family activities like husky safari or reindeer experiences. My first tip would be pick a season that best fits the kind of holiday you are after and let the Aurora Zone guide you through your options.

It’s always been on my family travel bucket list to take the kids to experience the Northern Lights. My family is originally from Finland so I would love to make a big trip there with us all. I think combining it with a holiday like Christmas or New Years makes it an extra special family holiday together. When Baby Owie gets big enough I can’t wait to plan our trip out.

But seasons isn’t all you have to pick from there is so much more that goes into planning your Northern Lights family trip!

You have various countries in which you want to visit that you can view the Northern Lights. That’s one of the things that make it so magical. You can see it from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland. All beautiful countries that have so much to offer on top of the Northern Lights for families to do and see.

Have you picked your date? Have you picked your country? Next up, pick your accommodations. In my opinion, the very best part. Think how you want to view the Northern Lights. Do you want to be in the comfort of your own space or do you want to hike, travel or snowmobile to a place to see them best.

For me the Aurora Dome or Aurora Cabins with glass ceiling appeal to me most. The kids would go crazy being able to see them where we are sleeping. The Domes and Cabins have everything you would need like a normal hotel room would too. They are so gorgeous.

It makes it such a different kind of holiday than a hotel or villa holiday for them. This is important for me when I am planning new holidays for our family. I want to try different activities, different adventures, and have them be able to come away from our holidays having either experiences or learned something new! I don’t think we have ever gone to the same place ever, twice.

Perhaps though you like a more hotel vibe or a proper cabin home feel. You will leave the viewing platforms to be as much apart of the adventure rather than your accommodation.

I like to make sure our family holidays are all different. Just sharing how we would plan our Northern Lights trip here, makes me excited for when we do actually go. Because, we will, I promise you this! We love traveling with our kids and showing them as much of the world’s wonders as we can.

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There is always the risk of not seeing the Northern Lights when traveling. The Aurora Zone  have built up an extensive range of trusted and knowledgeable guides, photographers and experts and have a 6-point Aurora hunting plan, giving you your best chance for seeing the Northern Lights.

What would you stay in with your family? A bubble, maybe a treetop hotel? Either way, Northern Lights should be on your top list if you have older kids to visit. It’s something they will never forget and neither would you.


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