Three Siblings in July

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:50 pm

Three Siblings in July photo project my three kids

My three beautiful babes…. this month you are tested me, you have made me proud, you have filled my heart with joy and you have proven each day that your special and unique in your own ways.

Yup, it’s a mushy one this month because I feel like I just need to shout out today how very proud I am of my little tribe.

With amazing year end reports from teachers, to concurring creche without crying from separation anxiety to getting involved in a charity run where my six year old ran 5K!!!! It all brought tears to my eyes my little people make me so proud to be their momma. Three Siblings in July photo project my three kids

So of course we had to do hands up to cheer each on. They really do encourage each other at most things and I can see as their baby brother gets older they encourage him too. There is nothing more greater than watching your children show love and affection to each other as well. It was the one thing that surprised me most when I had two kids and the first time B properly pour his love out to his sister and she returned it. I thought this is it… the magic of life right there. Sloppy but true.

When life gets hard which it has been lately for us adults, I have three little amazing kids to bring me back to reality. They ground me. They keep me going. They keep me strong. Their love softens my troubles and eases my worried minds. At times it also adds to my worried minds but only out of protection for them and the future they hold.


End of the school year parties.

Playing ball in the back garden with Baby O.

Spending time with Grandma and Granny together.

Preparing for our summer in America.

So we prepare for another summer abroad. I can’t wait to be home. I love getting my kids together with their cousins and seeing my siblings too. I have been feeling so homesick and I can’t wait to just be HOME! Surrounded by family, loved ones, culture, familiar things, and soak it all up for another summer.

Three Siblings in July photo project my three kids

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