Baby Watch, Warmer Temperatures and Jean Jackets

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 02:45 pm

Bank holiday weekend here we come… the weather better not be telling fibs as I have an action packed family weekend planned. Actually nothing serious we are on baby watch but we want to get to a few parks, ride our bikes, play in the garden and do some outdoor swimming if temperatures allow us.

I refused induction this week as mentioned in my 37 weeks pregnancy update so I have been trying to get in the gym as much as possible and get things moving naturally. I feel better for it. I am being careful don’t worry but you should see the faces of people when I show up to body pump or synergy hit classes. Today, I literally had three people watching me attend a class which was slightly awkward when I was on the rowing machine and cross trainer/elliptical. I saw if I always did it, why not. If it hurts, I would stop. I think baby has gotten a little too comfortable in there to be honest and needs a helping hand.

The kids are over the moon knowing that baby brother no matter what will be here by the 20th of May. Only two weeks to go and they are asking each day, “will brother come today?” It’s so sweet and they are so excited but I think they will get a shock when he does arrive and they realize he can’t walk, talk or play yet. Oh, to be innocent again.

THIS WEEK I AM LOVING…read reading

I am now rereading The New Contented Little Baby by Gina Ford it’s the newest edition for feeding and sleep routines. I know so many are against it but it has been amazing for my other two kids getting them right into a routine and sleeping all night and even schedule breastfeeding so I can plan our days out accordingly. It works for us as we love routine in this house. It’s had some updates and changes to it (does that count as a new book then) so I am getting prepared for what routines I will need to start out with when baby boy arrives.

heard listening to

I have heard these two giggling in the garden when the sun is shining these past few weekends. They are so alike in so many ways and then so different. I love looking at them as siblings as much as individuals. I am so proud to be their mama. I have been listening to them talk about their days at school. We have this family tradition that each child has to tell us at dinner three things about their day. I love that we have that time hearing each other out and making them know how important they are to us and how we care about their daily time away from us. The kids always get giddy raising their hands who goes first it’s hilarious. Sometimes we say one thing each back and forth and other times we let each child take center stage of dinner time. They are growing up so fast on me and I know it will seem even more so next to their baby brother.

watched watch

Have you seen my latest vlog, it’s the last of our Disney World Theme Park series showcasing our fun at Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. Two very awesome parks but very different to Magic Kingdom and Epcot too. I love the variety that the theme parks bring to a family vacation. I expected them to be very similar in as theme parks go but they are not at all. Animal Kingdom was like walking through safari jungles and a zoo with rides and Hollywood Studios was fab with all it’s amazing shows and boardwalks and shops.

wore wear fashion

This week I have been sharing my NEW favorite summer accessories   When you are at the end of your pregnancy you don’t really want to be slurging on clothes just yet but there is nothing wrong with a bit of accessories stock piling for summer. Don’t forget to check out my SHOP page too for more fashion, home and food shopping too.

my favorite new summer accessories fashion Next Clothing

I wasn’t the only one strutting my fashion style this week. The kids got to try out a fab new kids stylist service called Little Cigogne. I am so impressed with their concept. You basically subscribe to a box of three full outfits. A stylist will pick items from 200 brands based on the profile questions you answered for each child. They send a box every 2 months and you get to try them on at home, keep what you like, send back in prepaid envelope and only pay for the items you kept after the returns have been processed. It’s genius. Check out B and MM’s coordinating outfits below. I was so excited to find one of the three outfits in each of their boxes matched. We now all have our very own jean jackets to show off. See their full photoshoot here: A New Way to Shop for Your Kids.

Little Cigogne Kid's shopping online subscription kids stylist services kids fashionmade making

MM has been making all the efforts here on her bike. We have never had training wheels/stabilizers on our kids’ bikes but she hadn’t quite got the starting and and stopping on her own until now. She was quick to grasp the concept of pedalling at age two watching and learning with her brother. She has always had good balance something her brother gets a bit off with still riding but each weekend that the rain hasn’t been out we have made that extra effort to get her starting and stopping on her own. So proud of her because she was so proud of herself. We had a few crashes but think we are now ready for family bike rides.

and lastly to share

It’s May bank holiday weekend ahead… the forecast better be right as we are due some warmer temperatures and sunshine. Even though we can’t really get out and about too far from home with baby boy on the horizon, we are looking forward to full weekend of family fun in the sun. The kids can’t wait to shed their coats (again) and get those shorts on. We even had a glimpse of it the week before last with temperatures warm enough to warrant milk lollies after school which was the ultimate special treat for my two kids. We even made the most of it with some park hopping around our estate as we are lucky enough to have about six in walking distance.

This weekend will be all about being as active as possible to help baby boy arrive naturally. We are on final countdown and I am trying to avoid being induced. So walking to a million parks, running next to them while they bike ride, swimming outside if the temperatures allow out our gym, and a whole lot of running around in the garden for them and me.

A sunny weekend ahead always requires a big hooray jump… the kids think its the best game in the world to have contesting who can jump the highest and they make me snap photos of them to prove who won! They really are their parents children with the competitiveness in them. I love it.

I hope everyone has a lovely bank holiday weekend. Keep watch on social media for our baby news… we will keep you updated.

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